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Full Version: Character design clothing and accessories
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Hey guys welcome to Character design clothing and accessories the purpose of this challenge is to improve yor visual library when it comes to clothing, accessories and props....

We are after sketches here not rendered paintings, keep it simple and try to draw it in as many different angles in space as possible... checkout moderndayjames  just to give you a idea of where we are headed

Do as many drawing as possible we are after repitition on the subject, we are trying to drill it in our brain lol to get visual memory happening also try to understand what the subject is for? whats its main purpose?

A new subject will be posted weekly or bi-weekly depending on subject .... All the best and have fun

First Subject: The dreaded Belt  courtesy of chubby_cat

PS for some reason I couldnt change the font colours on the links above so I just enlarged them so please click them
got a couple in tonight
Moderndayjames don't use gradient but rather crosshatching and flat value as far as i remember.It just a stylistic choose of course just wanna mention it if it might be pertinent.You should also stick to the idea of drawing the subject in different angle as he often does this it to create a stronger mental image inside your head.Definitively not the most enjoyable exercise but a valuable one to practice spacial proportion in perspective for example create a front view a back view a side view and 3/4 view of the object an above the object view.This should be enought for prop design.
Thanks darktiste the sketch took about 20 odd mins and about 5 mins to bang out value so no biggie, to be honest I'm not that worried about how people sketch there subject they can add colour if they want as long as they are pumping them out.... 

but why I mentioned modernjames was more his thinking in turning the subject in space/perspective as was mentioned in original post and what you have highlighted

Most of my drawings will be done in pen as thats what I prefer to draw you cam see my lines done on tablet are scratchy and suck but hopefully this will help there as well

Totally appreciate the feedback and comments darktiste
It best to have a 3d software with 3d model you can draw from or you can setup still life it just harder to keep the object with the same point in the x y z axis computer make it easier. one other thing you can do if you live near free or low cost museum is to draw the object you find there it restrict your option and it also push you outside your confort zone and it also encourage you to being able to stylize object to be more esthetically pleasing.Alway make sure you can draw there before going there.Would be also interesting to see some traditional drawing to balance the whole digital aspect if it possible.
would love to go a museum and draw from life but where I live we dont have anything like that here, I might look into 3D just for the turn arounds otherwise its just photos

did a few tonight one digital and the rest black ballpoint pen.... bit of a pain to take photos, crop in ps then post, 2nd drawing came out a bit fuzzy 
Great studies, Razor. Really liking the details on the first images.

In terms of 3d turn arounds, I have been using PortraitStudios ( for a few months. It's really handy, especially with such things as posing and lighting.

I've been working on my belt studies and will post some later today. I'm wondering if 3 days is not long enough for these studies? There's so much more I want to draw lol. Maybe we can extend the time frame for each subject, even if it's just until after the Christmas holiday period and things go back to normal.
Studies from today

[Image: 22319a9fd0b73595fe53ec3318e1e73a.jpg]
[Image: 4ce3b3f1e6741c6934b461c3ff3880fe.jpg][Image: 9d52b39e7ea94f4ff0946298e525df06.jpg]
[Image: d56ab72191ac6d3963d4f98c4b12d092.jpg]
wow great stuff chubby_cat love how youve gone about it and set it out, might have to steal your idea Happy and your lines are so clean...... cant really give any critique cause your done such a good job.... can I ask what the last belt is for? is there a reason why the belt is set up like that?

yep good call, 3 days is to short, will carry it on till next thurs/fri and maybe get a couple subjects over the holiday period so we can just cruise it without any pressure.
Thanks, Razor! Feel free to steal it, I really don't mind :P

The last belt I was just playing around with. It's a combination of the two images below in the spoiler tag. You would probably attach a weapon to the lower belt, but now that I look at it, the style is probably more fitting to a woman where the top belt goes around the small of the waist and the bottom one rests on the hips.

I like how you present the belt on a figure or atleast some kind of volume it help sell the product in my opinion.Just make sure the focus remain on the belt(piece of costume)

I also like that you have added a unfolded version of the belt i suppose it helpful to inclued one flat version of the object for the texturing team.
Im finding belts from the middle ages a lot more complicated then a strap of leather lol... spent a bit more time on these sword belts then I wanted but Im getting a better understanding how they work, done in black ballpoint pen

and thanks chubby_cat

Might be a good idea to create a list of item you want to be working on unless you want to repeat making belt endlessly.
hey all..... got a few in the last couple nights, pretty happy how they come out.... might try look at civil war or western type belts next

Thanks darkiste. I found laying the belts flat helps me understand how they work better. It's going to be a lot harder to do once I get into similar stuff Razor has been doing with the sword holder straps.

Looking good Razor. As painful as it is, don't forget to draw the belts in different perspectives. It helps a lot with understanding how they work. Very keen to see your civil war and/or Western belts!

Did we have idea as to what we wanted to move onto next? I can make another pinterest reference board for it to give us another launching pad with references :)
thanks chubby_cat yes very painful and enjoyable at the same time lol....

yea I sort of started getting into rendering which I really didnt want to get into, wanted to keep it more sketchy, gestural and construction like.... but habits die hard, anyway will post those anyway... yep need to get back on track and start rotating them in space 

I was thinking maybe doing bags, pouches, backpacks etc next, probably easier to construct as well, unless you have a suggestion you would like to do
Started these lastnight and just finished them off, ones from a photo and the other a scupture of the Darkdealer...
Done in black ballpoint and sharpie pens, grey markers and white gel pen

anyway back to more construction drawing

Really love the rendered pieces Razor! Super cool.

I'm more than happy to work on bags next. I'll start gathering some references for us
What white pen your using i find most of those white gel pen to be really bad.You seem kinda bad to just being honest.Some people recommend using white gouache i might try that one day.
(12-19-2018, 12:44 PM)darktiste Wrote: [ -> ]What white pen your using i find most of those white gel pen to be really bad.You seem kinda bad to just being honest.Some people recommend using white gouache i might try that one day.
its no particular brand.... and just used to bring out highlights as I was using toned paper...

I seem kinda bad? just being honest?.... what does that mean? can you elaborate
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