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Full Version: Light and shadow problem.
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HI i would like some paint over to learn about light .I think i been recently getting to a point where my light and shadow skill are lagging behind i just don't wanna trash this piece since i think i could learn from it.Please keep the critic strictly on the lighting
Hi Darktiste

In terms of lighting it isn't making too much sense. If it's from top right, why is there no shading on her face, hair and neck? It seems like her chest is only lit from up top like a spotlight, while her arms are lit from the top right. Even from a top right angle, there should be lighting still hitting her torso. 

I quickly did this to show what I mean. The pose isn't exact as it was a bit of a rush job, but you can see a 3d example of how a top right lighting scenario acts with a figure. 

It is done in 3d software, so always take it with a pinch of salt lol

[Image: tumblr_pollaoJEHA1xxah6io1_1280.png]
I didn't bother with the face as i figure out there was already inconsistency but what is good to note is he face is actually point a bit down.I somehow did worst then i though since i kinda had it right first but i changed my mind thinking it was wrong.

I should really get a 3d software to simulate light it super useful.Thank for your time btw.Is this a program for posing or is this a 3d modelling program?If it a posing program what the name?
It's Portrait Studio:

It comes with pre-posed figures and a male and female model you can pose yourself by manipulating joints. It's well worth the money!