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Full Version: First Caricature attempts
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I was trying to caricature Daniel Craig aka James Bond.

I was noticing, that he has a really boxy head, almost a square, so I tried to exaggerate that.
Also I exaggerated the lighting and his outstanding chin and mouth-area on this reference.

But the exaggerating of the box-iness I feel like made it loose the likeness,
now he looks more like another person, doesnt he?

What would you say and suggest?


Exaggerate is about creating distortion here and there is barely any it to timid of an effort.Also i wouldn't do caricature until you can control your linework it break the style in my opinion.One of the important step is to try to retain the likeness even if there exaggeration.One trick to start practicing is to play with the filter liquify in the menu option.

Note i failed myself in regard to maintenaining the likeness.I think one thing is to choose one or two feature of the face to Exaggerate so that it still retain the likeness.