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Full Version: crit plz
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no one reference on this, anatomy and breast seem a little wishywashy :/
please help

[Image: darkangelcopy2.jpg]
Did some quick stuff. Watch out for the relationship between the ear and the eyebrow and nose lines, they effect the angle of the head. Ear needs to move more towards the eyes with the way the front of her face is facing. Making the overall head a little smaller and lowering it will help too. Thinned out the rib cage and widened/lowered the hips to get the sexy look going on. The wings look good, just a little weak at the joint to the back, try and get them coming up in this arching way, that also kinda frames the head nicely. Also don't be afraid to have them dip off the canvas a little and swing back in at the bottom, we'll still know they're the wings :) Hope you carry on with this, really like it. Hope this helped :)

[Image: si_daniels-birdygirl.jpg]


Thanks man, that helps a ton!!! The face looks way more proportionate and ilike what u did to the body. I definitely will apply this to the pic.