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Full Version: My goals for 2020
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New decade, and new goals! It is time to get back into some good ol-time GRINDING!
My goals for 2020 are as follows:

Art goals:
* Finish one new portfolio piece every month and update my artstation/Deviantart with it.
* Post an update to CD forums and my FB site atleast once every week, no matter how small (studies or sketches)
* Finally Finish studying from both of Scott roberstons books.
* Finish the other 5 art classes I got on my computer at the moment and do all the exercises included.

Networking/community/financial goals: 
* Attend every scheduled sketchmeet in my city (it happens reguarly once a month).
* Increase my friends/contacts on Linkedin from 300 to 500.
* Get my FB friend count up to 2000 from about 1450 at the moment.
*  Reach 200 followers on artstation (from 77 at the moment).
* Make atleast 2 crits/overpaints and 1 update post on the CD forum every week.
* Start my own art page on FB and get atleast 100 followers.
* Start an instagram account and keep it updated with atleast one art related post every month.
* Have atleast 1 years worth of living expenses on my savings account when the year is over.
* Increase my income from art with atleast 50%
* If my income is increased, donate atleast 100 euros to CD forums.

Fitness goals:
* Keep up with intermittent fasting for the rest of the year (fasting for 24 hours every saturday).
* Only two cheat meals a week (junk food or "sweets session").
* Get into the best shape of my life (lowering my bodyfat bscly).
* Increase my strenght to a personal best.

Other goals:
* Not visiting a procrastination site like reddit/twitter and similar for the entire year.

All of theese goals will be pursued while working full-time at a game studio for atleast the first half of the year (hopefully, this will be extended to the ENTIRE year and beyond). Wish me luck guys!  Thumbs_up
Awesome - good luck dude and Happy New Year! May 2020 be a great year for you.

I loosely do intermittent fasting too - I try to do the 16 - 8 fast every day ( fasting for 16 hours and eating during the other 8 hours in a day ).
Thank you Artloader. The 16/8 is one of the most effective methods, but for me, the 24 hours ones 1-2 times a week is simply easier to manage. All the best to you in 2020!