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Full Version: Artloader's Goals For 2020
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My creative goal for 2020 is very simple:

Put up at least 4 pages of my comicbook onto my website by the end of 2020

To achieve this I am going to use Mini Habits:

1. Write at least 10 words of my comicbook story every day.
2. Make at least 3 art marks every day (pencil lines or paintbrush strokes).

These tasks are so small that it should be quite difficult for me to fail to do them.
If I do them every day then they will build into a habit.
Habits can have a huge impact.
I like the approach in a really minimalist way to build an habit.In my point of view if you want to build any habit that actually stick you need to be spend at least 15 to 30 minute on it continuously for the brain to register that it actually doing something you told him to do it not just an automatism.But yea the more flexible you can be with yourself the better result your suppose to get.But doing the ''minimum'' isn't always sending the right signal to your brain.After all why bother doing something if there no perceive progress made.You need to build the habit as something that not only easy and fun but gradually also challenging or else the brain become really bored that alteast how it been for me.
Thanks dude, I get where you're coming from with the 30min thing but the whole idea of mini habits is that they are too small to fail. I don't know about you but it can be a challenge for me on some days to fit a full 30 mins of art in.

As an update on this I am 15 days in and have yet to fail. Sounds stupid but the success of doing something really small every day does give me a boost and motivates me to continue.
It doesn't have to be continuously long hour but i think it as to be at least consistent amount of time that gradually augment rather then stay the same.This mean that if your serious you have to make more space for art.As much as we would love to have time for everything it not realistic.The goal you have is totally acceptable.But the question is when is your deadline and that where you can really determine if you have set the right condition.What most goal leak is a realistic timeline.I understand that it a personal project but deadline is the fire under the stove without it there no sense of ''urgency'' ''no accountability''.
It just depend how much you care about the project is it just to practice or is it something you want to actually sell.
Yeah I care about this project a lot - I've wanted to make a comicbook ever since I was a kid. I agree that there needs to be progression over time but starting off small is the secret here. Many people try to do too much right from the start and end up burning out. This Mini Habits thing is from a book by a guy called Stephen Guise and he makes a great argument for creating "stupidly small" tasks that you can be confident of completing every day without fail until they become ingrained into your life as really solid habits.

Ever hear of the tortoise and the hare? I am being the tortoise :).
Sounds like reasonable goals to me. Maybe you can progressively step them up as time goes on and they start seeming to simple?
Thanks Zorrentos, they should be very achievable and I intend to step them up as time goes by.

However, my life has been very busy just recently and I was glad that my habits were small enough for me to do them every day.