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Full Version: Color comp choice
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Here are some thumbs I made recently. I have two different color comp for each. I'd like to inquire which one viewers would prefer.

If you have some words of critique then please be free to state them, although what I really want to know is which version of the sketch I should finish.

Edit: Also, please tell me why would you choose the particular version.

[Image: accolorcomp.jpg]

[Image: escompyk.jpg]
I don't see any difference between the first two, but I'd go with the right one, because the white sword adds a break to the blue and makes it more interesting.
As for the second one: I love colours, but the rainbow coloured version is sooo colourful that i prefer the blue one. These rainbow colours are a bit too much, maybe you should use less of them.
Thank you for your input, Myriam. As for the first one, the colour defference is very subtle - the first one has more gold-ish armour while the second is a little more flashy and the armour shadow tone leans towards blue.
yeah, I actually saw the difference after I sent my reply :D
I really like the right one of the first two, the blues really add to the composition and keep the viewers attention better than the left version. The second one I'd prob go with the right one also, but I'd like to see the top right one finished, looks really nice.
Thanks JonHop!