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Full Version: Hi everyone!
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Hello, my name is Gilles and I come from Belgium. I have been on/off drawing for two years but never took effort to study hard or seriously.

I was always interested in drawing when I was younger but I had a huge video game addiction that I pretty much stopped drawing during my whole puberty. I also really like watching movies so when I wasnt gaming I was watching movies.After a long struggle to  cure my addictive personality and mental problems I found my love for art again.

The main reason I want to join this forum is to post my practice stuff and see my own progress so I also one day can aspire people. Like Dave Rapoza and many others did to me. Another reason is that am so isolated because I quit school because of mental issues that I want to join a community that hold each other accountable to work hard and maybe find some friends.

My goal is to be a professional character/prop designer working on movies/games. It would be fun to share this journey with other people aswell Wink

Have a good day!
Hi Giles, welcome to Crimson Daggers :).

Thanks for joining us, looking forward to sharing in your journey.