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Full Version: achievements and new goals for the future
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Hi guys,
I'm not very active on this site, I haven't post anything for more than a year.
Since last time I've been really working my butt off and the improvements are quite visible.
But I want more, I want to become better and better every year.
I really wish I can realize my dreams of become a true character design, cause that's what I like to do and, luckely, is what I'm best at.
No matter what is gonna cost me, one day I'm gonna look at some animated movie and I'm gonna say "Hey you see that character? I draw it from scratch".

But first I need to get better, I need to study more and improve in these categories:
- background
- light shading
- need to learn something like blender or zbrush
- digital skills
- collaboration projects

Sooo, wish me luck!
And if I you have some advices please let me now, I wuold really appreciate it :)
Hi simonzdanugget

I don't really have any advice, but it's good to see you have a list of things you want to improve on. You say you want to become better every year; why don't you make a sketchbook in CD as a way to record and track your progress? It's nice to have your journey in a collected space you can look back on, and people might be able to offer you tips and resources along the way.

Good luck with your goals.