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Full Version: Concept art portfolio
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Hey guys!

Here are some of my concepts from different school projects!
If u could check them out and tell me what you think I would really appreciate it!
Your lighting in your environment could use a lil bit of improvement but I really loooooovvveee❤️ The characters, the way you stylized them is soooo cute, I was amazed ✨
I think right now your portfolio would better be suited to be describe as character design your environnement doesn't seem to the same level of proficiency.
Very nice artwork, it looks like disney!
But If you could allow me to critique a bit,
I think the portfolio itself is supposed to be finished work.
what you can do is remove the sketches and put multiple angles of the character
or multiple versions of the environment.
The employers are normally more inclined to hire you if you're able to display alot of
pieces in a condensed space instead of scrolling down past linework.

I hope you do well and have a nice day!