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Full Version: My Overall Goals before 2021 starts
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Hello, I'm atceterra! I'm an aspiring artist who wishes to create my own animated series. 

I'm know that I can't commit that much as a student right now but I guess posting will help me be more accountable of the stuff I do. I guess I'll start small and then go big if I ever exceed it 

1) Finish Marshall Vandruff's video course ( and go through the How to Draw book as a supplement. Currently going through the 3rd part so that leaves me with 9 more vids to go. Maybe at least 10 mins watching it each day 

2) Finally tackle my biggest weakness: backgrounds. Make at least 1 polished fantasy background before new year 

If you guys have any suggestion or recs I'd be stoked to hear it! But as of now, I think this will be adequate enough to let me grasp my draftmanship more before transitioning to anatomy then painting.
The first step to succeeding with goals is being held accountable, so you have made the right decision to post about your goals here :)

Best of luck, and I hope you consider starting a sketchbook here on the forum to track your progress!
Ok so update on this. I finished Marshall's perspective class and damn, that was a lot of info I didn't know about perspective. I'm planning my first background now. Will post it here and on my sketchbook