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Full Version: 2021 Goals
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Hey there, been on here for quite a while and have been posting a lot more in my Sketchbook than I used to since now I put about 4 to 6 hours a day drawing and been reading books and taking courses (On MEGA) 

Basically, I made a picture of my work from 2019 and 2020 to compare them and saw that I did improve quite a bit. BUT, I feel like I could be doing a lot better. So now, since we are coming to an end of a fucking terrible year, I wanted to ask what I should be improving on and what my goals this upcoming year should be. Any suggestions and criticism would be great.

Right now I think I should...

1. Continue to study anatomy
2. Make concept art design sheets for mock portfolio
3. Make some finished illustrations
I might just be seeing it through my own lens of what I'm working on myself, but it looks to me like your anatomy and figure drawing in general is quite good, the hands you drew in 2020 look great, specifically.

You might want to work more on the skills shown in the painted studies, the copies of photos and paintings. You can go for better drawing accuracy and form rendering.

But yeah, here's to next year being a little better!
Well as someone who is passing by a similar phase let me say one thing only you know the answers the rest is for you seek out help to help you to see the bigger picture.My advise is make a list of the fundamental to try to figure out if you been spending your energy in the right spot in the let say past 3 month .Nothing we learn is a waste of time aslong as your able to apply some of the concept to other thing.But do yourself a favor and know what you want out of doing art.Idk if it your case but it seem the common thing we hear people say when there ask why do you do art is i enjoy it... yeah but can you explain what you like about drawing?Why would you choose to be drawing instead of doing anything else?

My point is the better you know why and where your going toward the easier it will be for you to start acting on it.If you never ask yourself hard question(probably because you work alone if your like me) your stuck practicing without a good direction because those question never been dust off.The problem right now is your goal are not qualitative or quantiative.This mean that you cannot evaluate your progress clearly.You should have weekly,month and half years goal and a years goal ideallly if your serious but that base on how bad you want something out of this.I know it hard to make clear goal when there so much to study from.You gotta be able to take a big goal and chop it up into smaller manage able chunck.I know that once you will have done that you will probably be frozen in place realizing how much work there is to accomplish but let it time and if your really invest you get the ball rolling eventually.I recommend going on a vacation before doing this so that you can come back with a fresh mind maybe or you do your goal before you do that so you can actually be pump to be away from what your truely passionate about and can come back energize and inspired by what your experienced during that time.

Good luck