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Full Version: Goals for 2021
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I'd like to get my form better, render objects in space better, and understand color better.

Form wise I've been getting my chicken scratch under control, but more so understanding the shapes that the human figure is made up of. Arms and hands bug me out, though I feel like it's been clicking lately - I'll post my studies tomorrow on those.

I absolutely love machine making and I have a very hard time making the shapes dynamic and believable in their space. I think it's amazing how people can make all those wires and buttons without it being lost in the rest of the image, which is something I'd like to achieve in my own art. See Nikolay Georgiev for some great shit. 

There's also being able to translate space in a perspective, to get across the thickness of your walls, to show how high or wide your room is - also something for me to study.

I've thought about doing Draw-A-Box, though I'll be honest and say it seems intimidating. However I'm finding more and more in my own art that it would be more good than harm. Worse case scenario I get burnt out.

Lastly, color-wise - I'm not great with colored pencils, my values tend to get muddy when shading and honestly I blow when it comes to color schemes. I always stick with split complimentary or monochromatic, so I'd like to get out of my comfort zone with that.

I saw in another thread about making a "dream portfolio", and that sounds like a good idea. I'll upload more to my book later tomorrow.

Is there any similar to COW here?
Good luck with these typhoneus!

I always find it useful to identify some goals and also to identify master artists who we would like to learn from (I hadn't heard of Nikolay Georgiev before but I followed your link and became a fan!).

I can also understand where you're coming from with the drawabox intimidation but remember - you don't have to do all of that stuff in one sitting :).

All the best for 2021 dude.

By the way - what is COW?
(01-04-2021, 02:40 AM)Artloader Wrote: [ -> ]By the way - what is COW?

On they had Creature Of The Week - it was a vague prompt that was given (For instance "The thing under the stairs"), then with however many entries there was a poll for the best. There was nothing given for it, it was just nice to be recognized.

I see that a lot of the threads on here are old, maybe I'll start my own COW.
Ah yes - sure - there used to be initiatives like that here but we haven't had one for a while - there's nothing stopping you from getting something up and running on here yourself :).
You could totally start up a COW on CD, I'm sure there's a few people who would join it.

It's not exactly the same (but it's along the same vein) there is a facebook group that runs monthly prompts for character design. Not sure if you already know of it or not, but perhaps it might take your fancy