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Full Version: Global Game Jam Online 2021, Jan 29–31
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Malmö Jams is holding it's annual Game Dev Jam online this year. If you are into game art, then this is a great opportunity to network and learn new skills:

Feel free to write here if you are joining in. Im planning on signing up myself, so collaborating with a fellow Dagger would be a lot of fun!  Thumbs_up
Oh man wish I read this before! I'm participating with my old friend group in Holland for the nth time. GGJ is always such a fun event, even though it's all online. Love to see your game when it's all over!
@zorrentos please share your game! Here's ours :)

Here's a trailer if you don't want to play it (I don't blame you lol)
Great work! We made a simple little 2D game: