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Full Version: How to attach images to your sketchbook thread
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My warmest greetings to all you Daggerz!

I've noticed a few of our members having trouble attaching images so I thought I would post the process that I use in case that helps.

Please feel free to reply with your own tips on this.


1. Go to your sketchbook thread and click on "New Reply":

2. Type your reply and click "Choose Files" in the Attachments section found below the reply box:

3. Click on "Add Attachment":

4. Place your cursor where you want your image to appear in the Reply box and click "Insert Into Post":

5. Check that the [attachment] tag appears in the Reply box where you want it to appear and click on "Post Reply":

Happy posting all you wonderful people!
Hi Artloader, this is what I did in my first post but when I click 'add attachment', that's when the message comes up. Effectively, stopping me from uploading.

Good idea to post, though!