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Full Version: Huion vs Wacom
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Hello guys,
I've watched about all the reviews I can find on youtube about this and read all I could find on reddit but am still stumped.

I'm considering to buy either:
Huion Pro 22


Wacom Cintiq 22

From what I can tell, the only differences between the two are in Huion's favor namely the price and the laminated screen. 

From what I've read the Huion is superior in:
+ Price (700$ cheaper than the Wacom which is a big deal).
+ Laminated screen (less parallax than the Wacom)
+ Report rate: Report rate of 266 RPS (the current highest figure in report rate) (source).
+ When it comes to color gamuts. Kamvas Pro 22 has a 120% sRGBcolor Gamut, compared to the 100% sRGB (or 72% NTSC, as Wacom states it). Source
+ Offers 10 spare nibs as opposed to 3 for the Wacom.
+Offers 10 hot keys while the Cintiq offers none (you need to but a remote controller for that...)

They offer the same:
* 8192 pressure levels
* Resolution of 1920x1080 HD

Wacom offers the sole advantage of:
+ Pen nib with an eraser end which is lacking the Huion. 
+ Offers a better rotating stand which I don't care about as I use an ergonomic arm.
+ More reliable drivers
+ More reliable customer service.

I currently have a Cintiq 13HD which have never left me down. The cable has become a bit loose over time and will sometimes disconnect but apart from that it's really premium quality.

Wacom has had the monopoly for so long, it's hard for me to determine if the price difference is due to said monopoly of because the quality *is* there.

I subscribe to two beliefs:
a. you get what you pay for.
b. if it's too good to be true... 

So I'm dubious as to why something cheaper would surpass something more expensive... 

The problem I have with what I've read on reddit is that the feedback is anecdotal and not very reliable and not to mention is varies greatly from person to person. 

Do you guys have any sources as to explain the price difference? I'd like to know what I'm paying for.

Wacom has never let me down before and I'm inclined to believe it won't but on the other hand 700$ is 700$... At the end of the day I don't mind paying the extra 700$ if it saves me headaches in the future but at a glance it doesn't seem to be worth it.
Thank you for your input.

 i feel it is a bit small and having to open and close menus like "layers"”
That is my main gripe at the moment. I feel like I’m constantly running out of space or having to fiddle with menus which is time consuming.

 I’m under the impression monopoly is probably the main reason then although it’s just an impression. 

This is an example of comments I read on Reddit:

“ Wacom is expensive because back in the day they were the only game in town and you could beat the shit out of them. I literally have the first usb model that I occasionally use at home and it works just fine. The plastic has gone deep beige yellow and it looks like a joke. Anyhow they’re still charging the same amount but quality has dropped. Corporate mentality.”

... like based on what? I don’t mind this kind of chatter but it doesn’t do much when it comes to studying the facts (and specs) in order to decide on something. Sorting through the bias is no easy task. YouTube reviews are also sometimes skewed as reviewers have an interest to be partial in their reviews in order to receive traffic and free products.

I guess the fact that I can’t find any justification to explain the price hike I suppose I could speculate there isn’t any except for brand recognition.

Also for those wondering, they both have 4 1/2 star rating on Amazon and both models were released in 2019. The Huion Pro 22 was also tagged “Amazon Choice”. The Huion is also lighter for those who care.

I realise I might seem biased here but I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find advantages for Wacom over Huion and can’t find any.
So I was actually in your position around August of last year. I wanted to upgrade from a 13HD to a larger size and wanted to see if the non-Wacom brand tablets had improved since I last bought a display tablet and did extensive research.

You're right, 700$ is a big deal and as far as comparing a Kamvas 22 to a 22HD goes, for most people they're going to pick Huion and feel happy about that. But as for other display tablets, Wacom often beats them out spec wise still. For example, none of the alternatives have a high end display tablet with a 4k screen, only Wacom does. So far the others only make 2.5k displays and their pricing for them is a lot similar to Wacom. Wacom is also the only one making really large displays. You can basically rely on Wacom to make a tablet that is more niche or one that will really pay off on the higher end of things. It's the difference between building a computer that allows you to play all the games you want to play for a good couple of years and being someone who just buys high end parts as they come out.

But if we're being honest, most people buying display tablets are probably looking at 22" screens and they don't care or have a need for 4k resolution. You probably wont go wrong if you do end up choosing Huion and the tech support is probably better than it was 3 years ago when I bought my first display tablet.

I personally chose Wacom because all my tablets have been that and I've been lucky that I only replaced my tablets because I wanted something newer or bigger and not because they broke. Wacom also has almost no jitter to their pens so you will get smoother lines, but the difference is probably not that big. For me, my choice was nit picky and based on personal preferences. Huion will probably serve you just as well.
Yeah, I hesitated a great deal since I'm comfortable with Wacom but I decided to go with Huion. It works fine so far and I don't need 4k for my project. Next one my be Wacom again though!
Yeah that's completely understandable! And who knows, by the time you do need a new tablet, the competition may have found a way to make higher end stuff cheaper.

I do believe part of Wacom's pricing is due to brand status, but undeniably there is still a bit of hardware pricing logic behind the nicher tablets they make that have yet to be solved by the competition. I think most people, even working professionals, do not need massive displays, though. And while no one *needs* 4k, it sure is nice once you start hitting 22" sizes and you've only got 1080p.
I don't know how those two compare but my first screen tablet experience was painting on Huion kamvas pro 20 at work and I don't have anything bad to say about this tablet. The pen gives a little bit squeaky noises when pressing hard but you can get used to it. 
I have a friend who has Wacom Cintiq at home and she also tried this Huion. It was good enough for her.

I might actually buy it myself this year.
Quick update:
Still super happy with the Huion which kind of confirms the price difference is brand recognition related. The only “flaw” is that certain areas get a bit warm to the touch if I draw for too long.
As someone flirting with eventually getting one of this type of tablet I'm grateful this thread exists. Thanks for you research and review! I'm curious to see how the Huion holds in the long run.

The one thing in which I found Wacoms reliable is their resistance to age-based deterioration. Sure, my first tablet was a no-brand something, but it barely lasted an year. My Wacom tablets may get worn on the outside but their electronic components so far are holding well enough I wouldn't be surprised to seem them last another decade. I'd be very happy if the longevity of Huion products is anywhere near it.
wacom is still the best for drawing but more expensive, huion kamvas pro 22 is more affordable.
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