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Full Version: Zizka's Sketchbook (Nudity and Vulgarity, NSFW)
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Well the feet are complete this time. Practice for today, May 23rd.

[Image: oi9WyQG.jpg]
Practice for today:
[Image: fO9vqYU.jpg]
Remember to add drill warm up exercise if you can afford the time. Also think about adding wire frame to try to visualize the volume of those surface it a great tool instead of cross hatching but cross hatching is more about value so both are there own separate attempt at  understanding different fundamental. What i really think you should try is this.What the intent?It to make you have control over your form being able to pull whatever form you need to start to be able to have more option for simplification which is a other exercise itself.But it also the key opener to inventing thing never seen before.
May 25th practice (pixel art as a change of pace):
[Image: HW1blUV.png]
Practice for today:
[Image: nNioTqt.jpg]
Careful with putting vanishing point to close each other it will create deformation in your cube.To avoid that learn about the cone of vision rule in perspective.
Practice for today:

[Image: MKkKBjB.jpg]
Today's practice:
[Image: OotzAaN.jpg]
You're getting those sketching lines down quite nicely now! Following the form as well, you got it!
Hey thanks, I sure am practicing!

Today was my first attempt at doing folds:
[Image: JvJjhQ5.png]

[Image: JvJjhQ5.png]

You can tell I rushed one strap more than the other. But yes, using perpendicular lines seldom looks right unless it's tight enough not for the texture to be too obvious I find.
Today's practice, I spend the entire day on the shirt to the right:
[Image: b5qUO5j.jpg]

I'm trying for the strokes to follow a form that should be there.
I see your doing some kind of icon and menu i don't think they really read well if i was you i would try to redo them again but this time thinking about the scale of the icon result you want because if you scale down object they don't necessarly read as much as you might think they do it due to a design concept call silhouette but also contrast.Also since you seem to be going for a drawn look i would recommend to use dark value so that it can look like ink instead of pencil drawing which didn't really exist back than to get that authentic medieval scroll look.
So I tried to redo the luck icon:
[Image: hwjOPtV.jpg]

I've tried shading the dice on the left using crosshatching... but it doesn't look right to me. Why is that? Is it because my individual strokes are uneven in pace and angle?
The answers is the more spacing the lighter your crosshatching look the more the darker it look but there also one thing which can make it look wierd and it not cross hatching with perspective in mind.Accuracy is important it why practice is also important it harder to maintain eveness in diagonal so it good idea to move your paper or to rotate the canva or your drawing tablette to get even straight line.Here you drawing in a isometric view which is why certain thing can look bizzare to the viewer but that a talk you can only have if you know about isometry which is the type of art you can see in mobile phone for example farmville.If you really want to get into crosshatching i suggest you have more than one source of information you can probably find good advise on how to draw them in how to draw comic book type of book or even how to draw manga book.I can give you some suggestion if you want.

There is two challenge in what i suggest you try to do.

One was to challenge you to think about crosshatching in term of value
and the second was to think how to turn something without strong contrast into something with contrast.
Yes, thinking of crosshatching in terms of value is an idea.

Practice for today:
[Image: kePH8oh.png]

How come the eye I've drawn doesn't have the likeness of the model?
Practice for today:
[Image: ndJMa4t.png]

I feel like the shading is improving but there resemblance isn't there (well not there enough for my liking anyway).
Don't feel discourage your literally taking one the most diffucult art subject which is the face.You developping your accuracy and eye and hand cordination aswell as your internal dialogue.If you want to study face i suggest you take photo reference where the hair are under control and this mean they are pull back and attach.Your biggest issue right now is to find the right angle at which to put your feature your eye isn't there yet.Normally when you construct a head you can put if you want reference line that curve around the head one to represent the brow,one to represent the eye socket and one to represent the bottom of the lips.Those line are obviously subject to perspective so always remember that.

What posing problem is you took a even harder subject because the head is slightly tilted left you might want to focus on straight and side view portrait,3/4 view later on for a while than introduce more tilting.
Another thing that may help along with the advice above is overlaying a grid onto your reference (example below), that way you'll have a better idea of where the feature need to be placed. You can also copy and paste the grid onto to your sketch with low opacity so you can get a clearer comparison between the two. After looking through your sketchbook, it looks like you work really hard, so I'm sure you'll get it in time.
I feel like using a grid would be a little bit like cheating (I know it's silly, I just can't get over it).
[Image: iKkQzIT.png]
I'm pretty happy with the progress regarding the hatching. Some parts look good to me.
The hatching is fucking epic i don't know if you use a grid or what but the proportion are also really on a new level.Seriously if you intend on practicing hatching at a faster rate you can simply use a grid or even trace over a drawing and do a quick line art just to practice the shading aspect.What ever get you to pratice the fundamental your most interest to solve.Of course it not the same thing as making the whole cake if you see what i mean so it always important to be able to know how to study all the fundamental in one exercise also.Your getting at a level where you start to want to mix a few fundamental in one session and see what your most shaky area.
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