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Full Version: Figure Drawing Landmarks Practice
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I have been developing my figure drawing by following along with the free version of the Proko Figure Drawing Fundamentals course. The section I'm on (landmarking) focuses on using skeletal and bodily landmarks to establish proportion and gesture. I have identified many mistakes in my exercises on this section, but I'd like some feedback from other people on it, if possible. I am mainly seeking critiques on the application of landmarks (which are in orange) and not so much on other aspects of figure drawing. Thanks for checking me out.

- Inactivist
Hi there i observed that you have a common tedancy as many other artist do of not preplanning your scale before drawing.What kind of problem does it make?Well when you don't start by establish what i call a bounding box around your figure is that you will end up with no sense of space you need before starting ''the bigger picture''.

This mean that once space on your picture run out you start to compress the element that should have occupied that space to compensate the result will be at best you end up lucky and it fit at worst you can't even finish the drawing .

What i advise is to return to a format in which your sketchbook is made for meaning you don't draw your figure head toward the spiral of the sketchbook but you draw it in the way you would read abook from top to bottom.I don't know how to say it more clearly.

The solution can also be to learn to create bounding box and learn more about scaling because my solution assume you will place your subject in the middle of your page so that there little to no chance you will run out of space to draw on.Scaling will allow you do to even better and allow you to draw as many drawing as you want on the page.

I am sorry if that not the advise your looking for but sometime we need to learn to addressed first some issue because in this case here it can be totally avoided and we need to be deliberate to copy what we see .So we need to plan before hand to avoid distorted figure which will prevent you from accurately represent your landmark anyways.

Good luck.
Thanks for the tip. My easel is small, so I can't draw in portrait mode (which is what I think you're saying), but I will create bounding boxes next time.