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Full Version: Reference thread for people who don't know where to look
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Forgive me if linking to another forum is against the rules but it just occurred to me that there is a lack of easily accessible resources for us to use. I did find a forum with an art section with a fully fleshed out resource section, however. Complete with tutorials ranging from the 7 elements and principles to color theory as well as anatomy. It even includes a list of free art programs for people who are still deciding what they want to use.

If I am going against the rules or there is a resource center here please link me to it but this is the best place i could think to put this thread for now.

Without any further ado:


(it's pokecommunity, a pokemon forum but as you can see its got a really fleshed out art corner for artists. I just figure you guys would appreciate a more streamlined source for art resources.)