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Full Version: Looking for a critique
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Hello! Im looking for a critique and advice.
I've been trying to get better at painting in the recent days, and what better way to learn than to submit work for critiques! So feel free to point out everything wrong with the piece or just the things you think could have been done better. Also I would appreciate any digital painting (or painting in general) advice.
That's all.
The food as well as the chopstick look really flat don't forget the food itself cast an even dark cast shadow .Also that shape on the bottom left i assume that suppose to be her thigh it doesn't translate really clearly and it doesn't fade gradually so it still catch a good amount of attention not only that there a really bright muted white highlight there that also contribute to unecessary attention there.

It hard to determine what kind of material she wearing on here arm and shoulder but it seem really reflective so i suppose is some kind of armor but there alot of detail you miss which make it look like you tried to make it look 3d but you forget to add some highlight on your edge which make it look like a flat pattern instead.

Also i think your over doing your highlight right now.

Sorry for the half ass paint over.Hopefully you get an idea of how it could look with a few change already.
Thank you so much for the critique!
I feel like there a few small things that can really improve it, if something doesnt make sense let me know ( ˆ˘ˆ)

- I feel like grey background rarely looks good. 
- Composition looks better when the picture border is intersecting with some elements in the picture
- I think it looks better to keep outer linework in the highlights of the armor, the style looks more consistent between elements that way. 
- Skin looks better if its more saturated in mid tones.
- Hairstyles look better if hair strands have more similar length. 
- The really dark shape that her elbow was creating brought too much attention to itself with too much contrast, so I softened it up with a little bloom

can't explain face changes, I just played with it until it felt better ( ´▽`) 

it's a nice picture overall, and can be made into really badass art ( ۶ˆ˘ˆ)۶ 

upd. just remembered that I also have a process timelapse, it will probably help too
That paintover is amazing, holy smokes that made my day. Do you post your art anywhere?
(11-10-2021, 04:07 AM)Bananus the Tyrant Wrote: [ -> ]That paintover is amazing, holy smokes that made my day. Do you post your art anywhere?

glad i could help ( ۶ˆ˘ˆ)۶  my arts are here
you already got a nice paint over so cool,

I think the intention in the pose could feel a little less forced.
the way the food is being held feels a little awkward how its almost at an angle to fall out and feels a bit out of place with the energy of the top half of the piece.
perhaps a little more natural/dynamic posing of the lower arm would sell a bit more feeling.

subjective of course but just feedback based on my reaction to it, not to discount your efforts.
her right arm looks great particularly. well done