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Full Version: Hey there!
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Hi everyone, I'm Ciprian but you can call me Cip.

I come back to drawing after a very long hiatus. I attended the art uni in my city back in 2015/2016 but had to drop out due to lack of funding. At about the same time I used to lurk on the Permanoobs forums where I had a sketchbook and posted my daily scribbles. When I had to drop out of school got into a bit of depressive state and quit drawing almost completely. I did some scribbles here and there (which I posted on my Instagram account), but even that halted about 2 years ago, with just one or two posts in 2020. Meanwhile I had also some changes in my life, switched a few jobs but now things are a bit more stable and I thought about rebooting my art adventure after so long, for no real purpose than to enjoy myself. In the past I would be very self critical and also impatient with my progress and often quit out of exasperation with my own lack of improvement.

Now that things are a bit more quiet and I'm a bit more mature I guess I want to give this another go, this time with no artificial pressure other than to improve and to enjoy myself in the process. I let go the "art persona" BS ego which had caused me so much mental issues and decided to just enjoy the ride. I'm now more than content to work a menial job and look up to my drawing time when I have time to spare, and I've come to terms with not even being considered "an artist" anymore. Life is to short to drive yourself crazy with arbitrary goals, it's better to just have fun with doing what you love and that's rewarding enough for me atm.

Anyway, I don't want to get too sappy, I'm just glad that I have found an alternative to PN and I hope to see you guys around! Check my Instagram to have an idea of what I was doing back then and I will start a sketchbook page to post my current explorations.

Ok, see ya soon!
Welcome aboard. It was heartening to read your post.

I took a look at your Instagram and your portraits have great personality and form. I hope you'll find plenty of time for drawing more.
I'm all for enjoying the ride, sometimes a reboot is what you need and I don't think you suffer from taking time out from creating. I've had long dry spells but always thinking about the content and observing forms throughout that time even without being fully aware. Your portrait sketches are excellent and have personality. We look forward to having you!