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Full Version: Composition
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I'd like to focus in composition feedback for the moment:

[Image: Margan5.jpg]


[Image: Margan9.jpg]

Jereme Peabody

Hi Warmics,

I like the character. She seems to be a bit off in perspective. Well not her, but the rest of the image. It looks like the camera could be higher when you're looking at her from that angle. Medusa is very pretty here. I would make her a little more menacing. Like I think you could blend the snakes into her skin like they have protruded out of it instead of wearing a wig

Now, as far as composition, she's not in the sweet zone which is on one of the 3rds line. You put her dead center and it makes the image less interesting. You have a foreground, middle and background which is good for depth.

Also, remember that the viewer will follow the gaze of any faces in the scene and right now, she's not looking anywhere. Should she be looking at the camera? It would help if you communicated what you're trying to convey here because I see characters in the foreground, but wonder if they need to be there. She's the subject, you could replace the two characters with stalagmites and wouldn't loose anything. That is, unless you're trying to convey a story element which is why it would help to know what your target is.

Hope this helps. Here's what I was trying to communicate. I didn't get time to fix her lower half though.

[Image: UrbaZ.jpg]
Thanks Jereme, I didn't realize the thirds thing XD Such a basic thing, oh well. As for the 'characters', they were supposed to be statues (the ones in the foreground), but I removed them in the final version. Her eyes were supposed to be white and shiny, but I guess that's not coming across XD All in all, very good feedback, noticed a bunch of stuff I didn't, thanks!

The concept was that this gorgon is not inherently evil, but she is lonely and can't help it. I wanted to convey a sense of empathy. But I guess I'll have to try harder.

Anyway, if you want to see how it turned out, the finished thing is here: