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Full Version: Help- major/college
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Hello! I am going through a sort of crisis right now and struggling to figure out what art degree/school is the best for me. There are so many options and I’m really just looking for some help. I will be graduating soon and I know I want to pursue a career in art. I have always loved it and while I can be in drawing slumps it is always a passion of mine. I love to draw characters and people. I am not the best at anatomy at all and for some reasons drawing males are difficult for me lol. But, I definitely want to be able to learn and some day become great at drawing them. I love doodles, painting, landscapes, sketching, illustrations, character design, and digital art. The photos attached are some of my favorite artists right now and just art that I love and I’m into. Art that I would love to be able to do some day. Hoping for a little bit of guidance/help. Any feedback would be amazing :)
Serious question need serious investigation.I think the ball in mainly in your camp.If you can define what you want and don't want than maybe we have a better answers as to what you are looking for other than that i think we would be at the same point as you are in helping you... to help yourself help yourself first seek clarity.

From what i see you have a liking for artwork that would pair well with an illustration,animation,story boarding,mobile game or children book type of career direction.

It way to early for a final verdict since you have not shown any of your own work... if you show other people work it give us a sense of what you like but it doesn't give us any information as how much you have to work to get there.

As far as your art journey i think you need to explore and school aren't necessarly where you can find that freedom you talk about doodles, painting, landscapes, sketching, illustrations, character design, and digital art well if i would have to say something logical the best route for you is probably illustration since you can include lanscape you will sketch and and include character in a digital format.That check pretty much all those square.

I hope this was the kind of reality check you needed.
I looked at the pictures first before reading and I though you had done them all and I was like daaaaaaaamn! The range!

I studied fine art at a liberal arts college and now I go to an Atelier, which focuses on traditional observational skills through still life, figure drawing, anatomy, portraits, landscape and so on. I don't really have it all figured out, but if you're curious about either of those I'd be happy to give my thoughts if it would help. I think there may be other people here who have experiences at other types of schools as well.

I also don't necessarily think you have to go to school for art to achieve the kinds of things you have here. And in fact a lot of art schools would probably NOT really help you very much with this kind of art. But I went to school partly for its own sake; it's what I wanted to do. So i definitely get it if that's what you're looking for. There's almost certainly a school out there that would suit you, but do be aware that you can learn a lot without it as well.
I just want to echo what previous posters said. Anything you would need to learn to achieve something on the level of the images you shared is readily available on the Internet or in bookstores. What art school will give you that you can't get anywhere else to the same degree is guidance, a motivating environment, and connections (which of course is partially dependant on WHICH art school you go to). Whether or not that makes it worth the cost is up to you and your current circumstances to decide.

The only artist I recognize in your favorites is Ross Tran, who went to the ArtCenter College of Design and even had Jaime Jones for a teacher. What's worth keeping in mind though is that the work he made in school bares almost 0 resemblance to what he does now. Which goes to show that art school can help you gain the skills you need, but it can be stifling as well. I mean, I don't know if drawing cute girls everyday for social media is truly his greatest passion, but it's probably closer to it than the stuff in his school portfolio.