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Full Version: Hello new here just looking for a critique
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WIP particularly not happy with the colors I used in this piece. Any pointers on picking better color combinations? Any and all critiques are welcome PLS
Blue and violet are kinda cold color so i should be no surpris if they leave you cold and the character emotion is also kinda sad which had to this coldness.If you want to fix color quickly you can try to do color adjustment mask on part you want to change and than you just go and adjust the color with slider in the hue and saturation option if you use something like photoshop.

It not for me to tell you which color you should pick they should atleast to me be pick to help sell the story you want to tell and color are either hot or cold so using the principle you can create color palette that can help that vision.

One small critic unrelated but what around is neck is it the rope from is backback?If yes then it doesn't make sense in the way the rope is loose in the front but tense in the back... i think you just forgot to add the rope around is shoulder to be is backpack strap because right now it doesn't seem like is backpack weight is supported by anything else but the neck...
Aw I like this little dude a lot! I would push the lighting a bit more. Sell it to us. I like the reddish light coming from behind contrasting with the cool shadow. But the light is a bit tepid, and the shadow a bit grey. May as well push the idea of it more just to see what it would look like.

Side note, I think usually when you see that kind of man boob thing, it's like fat that has developed on top of the pectoral muscle. As you probably know, the pec connects in the armpit. So even though it's cartoon proportions obv. It still looks a bit odd to me not having his armpit and chest connect more. Hopefully that makes sense. If I drew on top of it I think I could illustrate that