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Full Version: JonHop's Sketchbook
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skin tone study
mood sketches and experimenting a lot on the dragon painting lol
Hey JonHop, good to see you're still going at it! 14 pages, wow!
Hey, thanks for stopping by my sketchbook, you've got great progress here as well! If I can offer some feedback, you seem to have very soft edges all throughout your pieces, and could use some more edge variety both to indicate different materials and to make your work read a little clearer. Richard Schmid's Alla Prima explains edges very well, but it's a pricey book. I looked around for a quick primer on edges and found a video Sam Carr made, hopefully it'll be useful Edges are a whole new can of worms to start exploring, but painters who use them well have work that's a cut above the rest, so I recommend taking the time to check out work from those artists and see how they use edge control to their advantage. Some good artists for this are Zhaoming Wu, Richard Schmid, and Lin Ran. Hope all this is helpful, cheers!
@poyo haha yes thanks dude gotta keep em going.

@pablo thaks man, ive favourited that vid and ill watch it and put it to use :)

character design

Ill have more traditional stuff up soon , lazy to scan it in and resize each one individually at the moment lol
practicing linework sketching in photoshop
Beautiful lines man! Cool drawing too ^^

Just out of interest, how long did it take you to draw that digitally?

Also, do you ever screw up lines and need to hit undo? - I find myself constantly bashing ctr-z when I'm trying to draw nice lines with my tablet.
far too long since i updated this, here's the community paintover of disney screen cap challenge I did today, with original.
argggh faces >:(

decided to work on my faces and edges

also a quick study just looking at edges of a painting
something i was working on hadn't posted it up yet.
That's really nice, there is a sense that this creature is huge - getting an idea of scale without any other objects to reference it off is great! I guess the small eye does it. I can see a whale in there, in the upper part of its head - maybe that's what makes it look so big to me o.O great job anyway : )
Thanks Jyonny :)

working on edges moar.
Good day hop,

I see that you have been consistently working
and updating daily.

Seeing your recent post, I like the focused practice on
edges and how you gave the shark a focal point.

Something that may help in studying edges(and
maybe everything else) would be studying a master.
...pretty much what PicassoNotPicasso said.

good luck. Insane, ecstatic
Thanks guys :)

couple of sketches from the other day
something that started out as a form of practice that I then spent too long on lol.
dragon head thumbs
Finally got round to uploading some sketchbook stuff.
first character in a 3 part rpg design series and a very quick sketch from the other day before I had to leave to go to work. Really enjoying line work more and more since I've been doing all this work directly in pen.
Those creature sketches in pen and marker look pretty cool. You should keep going with those and see how far you can take it.
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