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Full Version: JonHop's Sketchbook
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Too long with out updating this so here's a quick update with a rhino warrior (removed not dispaying properly) and a couple of sketches.
a weird painting i did lol a couple of sketches and 2 studies (not trying to take them to a finish).

star wars mood concept sketch cleane up a bit.
bridgman studies, sorry for poor quality of photos
sketch, bit slow on the updates as had some freelance work recently :).
I see you've been working pretty hard yourself! Keep it up!
Thanks warmics.

A failed portrait. Gotta work more on these as faces are a big weak point of mine.
landscape study with made up parts.
wanted to do a black and white line only study then decided to throw some quick colour on it... meh, I hate faces >:( well on to the next.
Ocean study, found I really enjoy painting waves.

applying study.
sketch before bed.
2 min gesture sketches
first study for blood sports 14.

Decided I want to use a crocodile as the base creature for armor and beast.
helmet study
Helmet design based on previous studies
2 min gesture sketches
still life study of a knife in sheeth, trying to get the gold sort of colour down as I want to do the armor for the low level beast master like that. Need to do more studies of armour I think.

quick still life study
2 min gesture sketches
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