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Full Version: JonHop's Sketchbook
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Armour study, not trying to perfectly render out the stud just trying to get the gold colour down still more than anything else. Also I'm trying to cut the greyscale phase out of my work flow to try and speed up my working process and improve my colours.
2 min gesture sketches
2 min gesture sketches
helmet study and designs
Croc studies
working on the pose from after choosing an initial thumbnailµ.
some progress on my bloodsports piece
more progress
some more
creature pose thumbs. going from medieval type of armor to futuristic (star wars infl) once the level up happens. sketching around for a pose.

robe study
second card for the blood sports.

After my initial card I decided to take my time and draw the pose in with line instead of just using the soft brush to block in. Generally I found that I still have a tendency to try and rush to the painting phase when doing illustrations and not take enough time with the foundation of the image. I wasn't enjoying the process like I used to and I realised why, because I wasn't taking my time and care with my images. Just rushing through them and I feel like taking the time to draw out the foundation of this image helped me understand that and in the end even at this early stage I feel I will have a much better beast image than human one.
second card final. Didn't have as much time as I did for the first card as I had a dentist appointment today, but since i didnt have a greyscale to colour phase it took half the time, I'll probably work on it a little more at some point though.
blood sports 15 study and some livestream sketches

quick enviro thumb study
alien guy sketch
Bunch of fundamental stuff, thanks to Flo who posted the link to this site I wanted to keep working on my fundamentals at the same time as working on my digital pieces.

I have some more in my sketch book but im being lazy to scan it resize it and load it up lol
more fundamental stuff, messy messy lol
studies, painting a robin with a square brush was fun :).
memory man next day, after I do from memory then I take a look at my reference and write the corrections on myself helps me to remember and internalize the info :).
sargeant study

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