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Full Version: Who is "the Art World" nowadays?
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Who is "the Art World" or "Art Scene" nowadays?
Where should or could one subscribe or register to look into it?

Back in the day there were Forums like and some more, where you could post work
and also there were big youtubers, who made streams and so on.

When you were on those forums and followed the some youtubers, you had a pretty good picture about what was going on in "the art world".

Nowadays most forums are dead (even if I wished they all just continued)
and youtube/big social media is (from my point of view) also dead, because censorship, fake comments, not allowing thumbs down etc., just not good places. Also many Creators stopped making content it seems.

So, what or where is "The Art Scene" nowadays?
It because you no longer have to go to art school that community have pretty much vanish also the number of alternative to where you could gather was also limited so it was all a very siphonic era.The young community were mostly thriving because digital art was exploding and online challenge where hold in those space.In those time you had limited information you could find on how to become an artist outside of the main school so there was that collaborative spirit that came out of necessity to rival those artist who were from establish art school.

The internet ecosysytem as changed it as become very sanitized and the art scene as expanded into it own niche.

I think the art scene as become very niche because of thing like patreon which make artist probably not as collaborative as they could be unless those community have that quality.It as created a pay wall where none artist are less involve with the art community at large because they can't enjoy art as freely as before because Ai as cause artist to be more reserved and have to fight in a more competitive space than ever in a era where content as become unoriginal and woke which reinforce polarization in the digital and condition unfavorable to free expression.

The art scene? What art scene... that a problem because as i put it the whole thing as become fractioned.
No longer do you have to pass by a gallery to be seen or to assemble with other artist.Instead of having a diversified scene you can really find your art family it only in space like forum where there is that diversity because it was no conceive with a flavour in mind we are like relic of the internet most people who come back are here in the spirit of getting back in time because they understand the value of such space.But the people who are mostly from those era no longer are actively infusing there insane talent and energizing those community.

It fine to ask yourself where the art scene im 2024 but the question is probably what do you have to offer to those art scene and what do you want from those art scene and use those question as spring board to find your community.There is more chance that they are being gatekeep and more polarized because of thing like moderation being more of a thing now a day i would argue.

Art doesn't thrive in space where idea have to fit a mold. Attention span in this day make it that relation are more superficial so is engagement.It hard to pin point a specific all in one reason to why people stop engaging with each other.But i suspect it as to do with the idea that people don't like to be trick by machine and there is an increase exposure of ''how ''easy'' it is to make art'' .Ai blur the line of human talent and making engaging less likely because you don't believe the basis of a relation to be authentic.It like building a relation with an artist just to learn he paid someone else to do the work.

We don't like being lied to we forgive human weakness when some lie because they are flawBut aren't so forgiving when human choose to deceive with artificial intelligence it seem to attack the human ego because it expose human limitation when someone does something amazing we saying someone is talented because we don't have the data to figure out the effort it require but when we learn how simple it is to achieve something that manage to deceieve us were mind get the impression that everything until that point was just us being deceive it kinda shatter reality it open us to paranoia it create distrust.

People return to more traditional medium to try to escape the effect of the digital space becoming saturated with Ai content but Ai content is already invading reality because people who are born outside the digital age have more trouble distinguishing ai art from reality which make them likely to buy ai generate artwork which will make it increasingly difficult in the future to have a authentic moment of truth appreciation of human achievement.Obviously we can't say everyone relation with art as to do with us being able to related to the person who created an artwork.