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Full Version: Sketchbook - Critiques and comments are welcome
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I will be posting my drawings here. Some will be rough drafts, and some will be finished pieces. I work primarily traditional pencil, ink and watercolour.

Here is to the start of this post. Enrich yourself with my drawings from 19 May to 7 June. You may or may not like them, but do please comment. I'm here for the learning and making friends.

This concludes all pertinent information. Now this is the talking bit: where I talk about a random thing for 60 seconds or less. Arts isn't my profession but is a serious hobby of mine. It's been an interest for most of my life, though I have consistently practiced for five years now. My main interest is drawing furry art though I like drawing people and portraits as you will see in the attachments! My favorite animal is the fox and I enjoy drawing them with female breasts.