FINALS! - Bloodsport 14 - BeastMasters
This was fun. Nice work everyone!

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Hunky Hedgehog action


Here's mine!

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Seriously, great work everyone, it's very inspiring to go through this thread and see how some people with only a few bloodsports improve so much.

Here are my finals, studies, sketches and wips everything in one post.

[Image: bs14regular_isrartistic-com.jpg]

[Image: bs14advance_isrartistic-com.jpg]

[Image: wips.jpg]

[Image: bs14sketches1.jpg]

[Image: bs14studiessketches1.jpg]

[Image: bs14studiessketches2.jpg]

Fantastic work everyone.
After the initial thumbnail tryouts I settled with what would become the final design.

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Sketchbook|Go Team!
(not quite) final image and studys ...

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Awesome work everyone. Heres my attempt.

[Image: sl___studies_comp_by_moonskinned-d60fz80.jpg]

[Image: sl___poses_by_moonskinned-d60fz88.jpg]

[Image: sl___bat_beast_form_by_moonskinned-d60fz8s.jpg]

[Image: sl___lady_crimson_form_by_moonskinned-d60fz8o.jpg]

[Image: sl___lady_crimson_by_moonskinned-d60fz8k.jpg]

Hey Daggers, good job everyone, I can see a lot of improvement in everyone!
Here is my final entry with all my messy sketches and composition choices. As you can see I mixed some prehistoric and non-prehistoric animals.
Let me introduce you to the Bullcefashauro!!!
Is a mix of...
Saichania- an interesting prehistoric animal covered with spikes and full armour with an interesting tail-mace.
Pachycefalosaurus- this prehistoric animal had a extra hard bone coverin its head that uses as a battering ram, like goats and such...
Ox- It was my initial idea of getting a "jugernaut" based in this peaceful animal (mixed with a rhynoceros or something) in the end I preserve just the attitude in the face of my creature.
Bulldog- the pose mainly is from this type of dog, only the pose and some of the legs placement, because I wanted an oversized neck and front legs...

Here are my initial sketches:
[Image: beastmasters-ref1.jpg]
[Image: beastmasters-ref2.jpg]

And here the final composition with the two cards and a little presentation in "the real world" :)
Hope you like it!
Good luck to everyone!
[Image: beastmasters-final.jpg]
[Image: beastmasters-show.jpg]

[Image: beth_hughes_beastmasters_bs14_final_murd...60ggek.jpg]
[Image: murder_a_by_bethbh-d60ggax.jpg]
[Image: murder_b_by_bethbh-d60ggbq.jpg]
[Image: beth_hughes_beastmasters_bs14_poses_by_b...60gge3.jpg]
[Image: beth_hughes_beastmasters_bs14_study_by_b...60ggdj.jpg]
[Image: raven_02_by_bethbh-d5ztx3n.jpg]
[Image: cartoon_murder_by_bethbh-d60bjhp.jpg]
[Image: beth_hughes_beastmasters_bs14_card_mock_...60ggf9.png]

Hey everyone great work all round. Had lots of fun on this one, next time I'm definetly gonna do more studies though.


[Image: manticore_zpsd0b07a2c.jpg]

[Image: manticorebeastmode_zps14cf47aa.jpg]

[Image: studies14_zps0e9c396b.jpg]

Awesome stuff everyone!

nice work people :D

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Exciting stuff guys :p

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[Image: 165398_161372837356185_1215601877_n.jpg]

[Image: 181076_161372834022852_1972710168_n.jpg]

Hey guys. Here are my finals. I have no idea how to post on forums, not sure if I'm doing it right....

Thanks for the opportunity guys =) I had a lot of fun with this one =D


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Great challenge. Great entries.

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Youtube Channel (Process, Tips on how to get work, etc...)
Great work everyone

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here are my submissions for blood sport 14, i Really wish i had more time to work on this idea. too much homework and not enough hours in the day.

any feed back from anyone would be great. i really wasn't feeling this project the last stretch of this week, so i was kina disgusted with how it turned out. :(

i really tried to do something different.

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First of all! I have to apologize to Dave and Dan. So sorry for sending you the studies! Not my brightest moment.


Here we go. Awesome work everyone! As I was saying all through out the challenge. You guys are amazing. Ridiculous amount of work has been done. I definitelly pushed myself because of it and for that I'm thankful. :) Good luck to all!

[Image: beastmaster___man_by_luka87-d60iyme.jpg]

[Image: beastmaster___beast_by_luka87-d60iz39.jpg]

thumbs and studies:
[Image: beastmaster___thumbs__compositions_and_s...60iznm.jpg]

Character/creatrue design:
[Image: tumblr_mkehyarpD01rlavnuo2_1280.jpg]

So many Daggers putting in the work :D!

[Image: PaintingSubmission1small_zpsc9db7d5e.jpg]
[Image: CreaturePaintingSubmission1small_zpse94fb7ba.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0001_zps304d16ae.jpg]
[Image: Ideation_zps881a61b5.jpg]
[Image: CompSketches_zps7c9e41b5.jpg]
[Image: ColorSketches_zps4b406680.jpg]
[Image: ReferenceSub_zps7f6fa910.jpg]
[Image: Studies_zpsb99b3a48.jpg]


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