Materials and effects
I was trying to stay more painterly today.

[Image: 0205.jpg]

damn everyone doing so great, love you painterly style Pavel, only got one cloud in tonight, very happy with this one, I also got a few brushes that are working for me, so that helps, will try and get some with a bit of color in them next....

[img][Image: 2nvt3dx.jpg][/img]
Nice painting style Pavel!

I few I did on the first day and yesterday. I find it really hard to get the gradient right and have white left. And the first one is total fail :P

[Image: 2016_02_02_clouds_2_by_eyliana-d9qoupv.jpg]

[Image: 2016_02__06_clouds_by_eyliana-d9qoupj.jpg]

Wow, you're doing great. I actually didn't plan to do a cloud study in the morning, but I changed my mind after being inspired by your work.

@Mariyan: The form in the first cloud study is great. I gues what's left is to work on details.

@Pavel: Your lighting is superb. Try to focus a little bit more on form.

@slash: looks really good. What I'd do is to add some detail in focal points where the cloud is hit by the light while leaving areas in shadow how they are.

@Eyliana: You're doing good job with color transitions. Painting clouds with watercolor is especially hard since you can't add white and everything has to be planned beforehand. It would be probably good if you did some pencil studies with shading and focused on the form. That should help you later with planning the painting.

Below my study. I thought I'd test some brushes. They are a bit tricky but may be helpful in some cases.

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I was getting lazy today and thinking to skip studying, but I saw everyone's work and got excited to do something :)

[Image: smoke_1.jpg]

[Image: cloud_3.jpg]

[Image: explosion.jpg]
great job guys.... I know what you mean Nada_H hard to keep enthusiastic at times.... but I'm glad to be in this group to learn and get insight into stuff/materials that I dont really study and also to get out my comfort zone...
keep pushing guy .....Impressed

Nada_H - your brush strokes are awesome :o did you use smudge tool for them?

More clouds and studies ^^
[Image: YOpRyXj.jpg][Image: vuz0Dmd.jpg][Image: KGHJmTb.jpg]
Here is my attempt. 
I wanted to try a realistic look but got fed up and could not work on it anymore.

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Good job everybody! Up to next week.

I took Piotr advice and drew one last pencil cloud study:
[Image: untitled_by_eyliana-d9qwfjs.jpg]

hey guys, last study of cloud/smoke, didnt really have much time so it was rushed....  been looking for some good ref for rocks which Im finding hard, but I do get emails from Jonas De Ro gumroad photo packs which could help some of us out, some packs are free HERE if anyone has any good rock Ref sites please share... thanks

I was afraid rocks will be the topic for this week since I've already done some rock studies recently. But I guess it's never to much :)

I'd actually split rocks and mountains as different topics. It may seem a mountain is just a big rock, but that's usually not how you should approach it when painting.

As a general piece of advice - FORM is the most important, colors and textures are secondary. 

@Nada, Fuxia, Angbryn - thanks for posting your studies. How about you create a sketchbook on the forum? :)

Below my rock study. I wanted to post some process but I forgot about that and collapsed my layers. So I have only 2 last steps.

Edit: As for resources you can try or google "rock formation". There is also a Resources thread somewhere on this forum.

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late entry for first assignment.

Not very refined and I kind of messed up the clouds on the lower half.
Anyone got an efficient technique how to do those??

[Image: attachment.php?aid=80341]

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@nutriman nice one, I like your colors. I found it helpful to use a sharper brush for the parts where light hits the clouds. I think it defines the shape better.

@Mariyan I did not expect rocks to be this difficult, I would love to see your process and thoughts, it might help me figure them out a little bit.

@Piotr this is pure awsome! next time you have to show us your steps, I think it would be a great help.
p.s I will start a sketch book pretty soon, thanks :)

@Fuxia I did use the smudge tool a little bit, to make softer edges on some parts.. but this did not work with rocks T__T

ok this is my study. man, it was intense, I almost gave up. I think lasso tool is great for this type of rocks, mine still looks pretty lumpy though

[Image: rock_22.jpg]
@nutriman: I'd add some harder edges so that clouds looked more defined. You can also use color balance filter to increase reds slightly (easy way to make color range the same as in the photo)

@Nada: Thanks for the kind words. Your study is awesome. You did great job adding the bounce light from the sky. That's something most people neglect. Also try playing with color balance, you can add a tiny bit of reds and decrease greens, that way colors should look more vibrant.

My study with step by step:

0 - finding a good photo reference
1 - defining basic shapes and colors
2 - adding more color range and refining it further
3 - detailing and color correction
4 - analizing the study  - what went good/bad, what I learned.

Just as a note: I never stick to a photo reference 100%. My goal is always to capture the essence and learn how to apply certain things to my painting.

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Big Grin 
LETS ROCK lol.... ok Im very happy to be studying rocks, a lot more sharp edges, texture and color variants to deal with, so it will be a big learning curve....

my first attempt I had a lot of problems and prob spent to much time on it, the layering of different soil deposits over the eons, with different color variations was very tricky to paint and the bounced light didnt help...

I think my second attempt was way better and kept it a lot looser plus I liked ref image better... I did learn to watch for sharp edges with light and dark, and plain changes ...

thanks Piotr for the keyword "rock formations" just what I needed... loving your studies and gallery.... keep up the good work guys

Everyone is doing so great!

Fuxia I love those swirly cloud designs

slash the second rock study looks really great, the more painted / drawn look works better for rocks I think (when they are the only subject)

It's like trying to study trees, there are just so many different kinds you can get lost on rock study for so long. I'm trying to break down some different patterns of the different type of rocks (I think it will help when drawing them from the mind). You have layered rocks (sedimentary) that were formed under the sea with many different layers which you can see really well on the surface. Igneus rock which is from magma / molten rock that ends up with a lot of crystals / sparkles in it and metamorphic which is sedimentary rock that's had heat / pressure too much, like marble, you can see strands of oozing fluid running along it.

[Image: CFFOhW9.jpg]

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Thank you Piotr and Nada for your suggestions!! Will try to incorporate that on the next occasion :)

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Good job everybody! Here is my first try.

[Image: 0209.jpg]

[Image: 3V2xxmI.jpg]
Ahh this is good stuff. Awesome job folks. Sweet to see everyone's approach. Pavel, gorgeous light on the underside of that big fella.
Did this with my "default" brush (which I think I got from a Rapoza brush pack...hey this is Crimson dagger's after all).
Will play with some texture brushes next time!
[Image: JfIqKNG.jpg]

Just over here trying to get better.

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