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Vablo's Sketchbook - Vablo - 06-22-2012

Hey everybody!

Here are some of my latest sketches and doodles, more on my CA Sketchbook but I'll try and start uploading them here also.

Critiques and comments are very welcome, thanks for watching guys. :)

RE: Vablo's Sketchbook - rich4rt - 06-22-2012

welcome, and nice start! :D

RE: Vablo's Sketchbook - Vablo - 06-26-2012

rich4rt: Thanks man!

Some studies from Bridgman, photos, real life and imagination. Trying to start tackling the huge monster called anatomy, it's about time I start working on it.

RE: Vablo's Sketchbook - Glasya - 06-26-2012

your way too good T.T, keep it up , these are awesome

RE: Vablo's Sketchbook - Vablo - 06-28-2012

Glasya: Thank you very much, I'll try my best!

Time to start practicing, so let's start with arms, arms and more arms. Next up something else, something else and something else.

RE: Vablo's Sketchbook - Vablo - 06-29-2012

Continuing with arms, probably gonna do something else today. :)

RE: Vablo's Sketchbook - Vablo - 06-30-2012

Aaand today's stuff.

RE: Vablo's Sketchbook - Jonesoda - 06-30-2012

I really enjoyed looking through your work you've posted here, I dig your pen work on paper, really cool looking. Keep workin at it aye, lookin forward to seeing more.

RE: Vablo's Sketchbook - Vablo - 07-01-2012

Jonesoda: Thanks man, I appreciate that and nice to hear!

Anatomy studies continue and a umm... "finished" painting for a competition, ran out of time a bit also. :D

RE: Vablo's Sketchbook - dwalkerart - 07-01-2012

Wow, you got some great stuff in here, making me wanna study!

By the way the dude with the scythe hand in the first post is fuckin awesome, great job.

Keep it up player.

RE: Vablo's Sketchbook - maxpower - 07-01-2012

Your paintings look sweet! One suggestion I have is watch for your line quality in those sketches. They look great as is, but then they could look fucking awesome with some consideration. Oh, and try arm studies in different range of motion.

RE: Vablo's Sketchbook - Vablo - 07-03-2012

dwalkerart: Thank you very much and nice to hear if these inspire you also! Studying is great, you just have to... DO it. :D I'll do my best!
maxpower: Yeah, that's very true. I'll need to learn use more selection tools with lines also, edges is something I need to practice much more... I'll do those arms also, currently I'm just trying to figure out and memorize the musclestructure. I appreciate what you're saying, thanks man!

Anatomyy, moving to torso little by little and trying to add some movement also. I feel I'm not quite ready for that yet though, probably gonna move to different body parts slowly and start figuring them out first. :)

RE: Vablo's Sketchbook - Vablo - 07-12-2012

Okayy, so more studies, a progress sheet and the final version of "Souldancer". Booyaaa!

RE: Vablo's Sketchbook - Vablo - 07-18-2012

Work piece, DRAAAAGOOOONS! It's a wip.

RE: Vablo's Sketchbook - Vablo - 07-26-2012

Some progress on the dragon piece, comments and crits very welcome still!
And yeah, I also made a progress videos/tutorial about the "Souldancer" piece, it's not of the whole picture but at least from the start to a decent point. So, here you go: