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Vehicles and Mech Design - BrotherOstavia - 08-18-2012

Hi guys, thought i could share some wisdom from Paul Christopher (, awesome concept artist in projects like Inception or Modern Warfare II. I'll upload some of his critics of my assigments, from the comp to the final render.

Short story is: Mech and vehicles are divided in two parts: hull and joints. You have to listen to the design, think about it not only assembled but fragmented: how bigger is the motor, where's the exhaust system, the cockpit, joints etc. Once you've defined this skeleton you can put the main hull over it. All parts can be removed and replaced. You can see how all this is applied by studying cars and helicopters.

Now here are the pics. Hope this helps:

RE: Vehicles and Mech Design - xic - 08-27-2012

thanks for the resource, the last pic got me thinking how to really construct some and revolve it in a 3d like manner

RE: Vehicles and Mech Design - SINED - 08-27-2012

Cool stuff, tnx!

RE: Vehicles and Mech Design - KyleScary - 08-31-2012

This is really useful stuff, thanks so much for sharing! I really like the thought process that goes into mechanical/vehicle design, need much more practice with that.

RE: Vehicles and Mech Design - tmldraws - 09-03-2015

Super helpful....thanks for sharing :D