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VicLuna's Sketchbook - vicluna - 10-11-2012

First time, glad to be here, what a great forum. I have been doing many studies of anatomy, paintings, and drawings from my sketchbooks. The first b/w is a study from Richard Schmid, now all i have to do is apply them! hope you like them.

RE: VicLuna's Sketchbook - vicluna - 10-11-2012

Here are some anatomy studies, mostly after Michael Hampton.

RE: VicLuna's Sketchbook - DavidFisher - 10-12-2012

Hey my first time in here looks like a great start good job on those hand studies something i need to work on as well. Been diving into a little hampton myself good book to study from. Anyways no crits so far from me just make sure you couple the studies with work from imagination and youll see improvement pretty quickly! good job keep it up lets see more!

RE: VicLuna's Sketchbook - vicluna - 03-10-2013

I have been reading Steve Rude's book, and man he's the king of studies. he was talking about Frazetta how some of his paintings have this 70 -30 % rule of dark to light, soft edges to hard edges, fuzzy to detail. I tried a little study of one of Frazetta's paintings.

also been doing speed paint studies over at the DA speed paints study group, mostly done in 2.5 hours, also some animal quick studies.

RE: VicLuna's Sketchbook - vicluna - 03-16-2013

feet studies from photos.

RE: VicLuna's Sketchbook - vicluna - 04-13-2013

here are some random studies from the speed paint group on DA to some anatomy studies for the House of Flying Daggers group.

RE: VicLuna's Sketchbook - vicluna - 07-01-2013

some stuff from Noah's art camp

RE: VicLuna's Sketchbook - LoosePiston - 07-01-2013

hey man, loving the art camp master studies! what have they taught you so far?

RE: VicLuna's Sketchbook - vicluna - 07-02-2013

(07-01-2013, 07:05 AM)LoosePiston Wrote: hey man, loving the art camp master studies! what have they taught you so far?

well there is a new assignment every wed, It's mostly a way to study. right now were on textures steal, fur etc... we went thru landscapes, still lifes, portraits.... Its a interesting art camp.

RE: VicLuna's Sketchbook - vicluna - 03-07-2014

Been doing master studies over at CA, about 2 hours each after that time i'm just coping not learning anything.