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Hey Daggers - Awynt - 10-20-2012

Sorry I've been scarce. In a weird place in life right now and haven't really connected with my fellow artists in a while. Trying to get back on track with that is tough when you're in serious introvert mode and just want to draw! LOL!

Miss you all, and I'll try to be more present.

RE: Hey Daggers - Laura_H - 10-31-2012

Hey Awynt! Where are you hiding, we'll be here for you when you get back <3

RE: Hey Daggers - Sickbrush - 10-31-2012

<3 !!!

RE: Hey Daggers - Eyecager - 11-02-2012

Go get your draw on, then share us all the things when you get a chance ♥