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RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - TylerDonnelly - 02-05-2014

That necromancer piece came out great! You've come a long way (Just went through most of your portfolio!) Some good stuff! I can't wait to see what you push to finish next!

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 02-06-2014

Really kind words Tyler, thanks a lot! So cool to hear that :D
Yeah I can't wait either, gotta replace those portfolio pieces!

More character exploration for the next piece, going to mix them up I think and not settle on a final

Swamp elder compositions and the design I'm going for. The face is supposed to be out of roots and stuff. Might be getting too much of a Cthulhu vibe, but it's alright.

Spitpaintings Ogre Chef and Giant Snail

Spoon numbah 10, I tried to get an idea of how everything looked, then I put the spoon down and continued on my own. Didn't paint it in, but I explored how the reflection worked when I moved it around. Fun stuff. Hand is looking mighty weird!

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - crackedskull - 02-06-2014

Swamp elder's coming along nicely.
You must really like spoons eh?
Doing great, keep up the good work.

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - smrr - 02-06-2014

Woo! Swaaaamp Elderrrrr!! It's gonna look so badass oh man oh man :D

Good job keeping up with the spoon studies! It's also great that you've been noting changes with different lighting conditions, etc. And better still if you literally apply the changes you've noted in an imaginary piece. Could help the knowledge stick even more so

And man, this:
Hell fricking yeeeaaaaaa--!

I dig what's in that head of yours, keep it up no matter what, Bjulvar!!

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - ramalooke - 02-07-2014

Fuck yeah dude. You're killing it =D Love stuff you're putting out lately. Keep rockin'! =DD

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 02-07-2014

Thanks man, going to start the painting soon! I like Spoons so much that I'll stick em in my mouth when eating!

Oooh yeah excited for it! Thanks, gotta keep that badassery all the way through now! :D

Yeah it's actually quite fun to see what you can come up with each day! I wonder how many things you can learn from this, let's find out! Definitely should apply them, not sure on how to do it though haha. I'll paint a sphere or something.

Oh so nice of you to say that, literally made my day hearing that someone likes what's in mah head! Thanks a alot :D

Thanks duude, you're killing it too! Let's rock together! :D

Some quick gestuures

Spitpaint, the master of sand and the master of sand part two.

I put the spoon in my mouth today. Lesson learned; Your underlip starts hurting like a son of a bitch. Had to put it down so many times!

And dropping some lines on my spellswording dude

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Archreux - 02-07-2014

Really nice stuff. I think that last piece of yours came out really nice, and damn, some of those thumbnails of yours look really worthy of their own separate piece. Please, just start hiding spoons in your stuff, haha. They seem to be teaching you a lot.

Looking forward to seeing this big guy up here in color. :]

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Jaik - 02-09-2014

Hahahaaha the adventures of spoony continues...

The fact that you got so far while holding the spoon and putting it down is really cool.

I like the comps of swamp elders. I don't thing riffing off of a chuthulululu vibe is necessarily a bad thing. If it gives you inspiration go with it, after all it is still your take on the subject.

The last sword guy looks cool. It would be a really good opportunity to have a foreshortened weapon coming towards camera with some nice depth of field blur on it. Just a thought.

Keep on keeping on my man. We will get there one day!

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 02-12-2014


Aw thank you man! Awesome that you like it :D
Haha some of them will be turned into a piece, always have a hard time deciding!
Great idea, there will be hidden spoon cameos in all of my paintings from now on. An eternal application of these studies!

Me too, stay tuned for it! :D


Where will the spoon go next? That's up to your imagination!

Haha try it out, it's so paintful. Gotta suffer for art :P

True that, I think that I reached something different after a while though. We'll see if it holds up!

Awesome idea man, wish I'd read it earlier. Could try and distort the perspective a bit, otherwise I'll just blur the ground later!

We will man! You keep on rocking on! Thank you! :D

My attachment manager has started uploading reaaally slowly, so I've held it off for a while thinking it would get better. But no.

Trying to work on 2 pieces at the same time during these two weeks. Deadline is sunday, hopefully I'll make it to a somewhat polished degree. Getting a little stressed though!

So here's a Zbrush sculpt paintover that i did the other day. Fairly quick and nothing fancy. Still finding new tools to play with, so it's awesome. The paintover itself sucks :P

Studies for the Spellsword piece

A masterstudy

A fancy guy sketch

A forest shrine spitpainting. Turned out awful.

Runestone thing from today, turned out better than awful

Sketch thing from my sketchbook

Progress on the spellsword dude

Progress on the Swamp Elder Guy

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Flo - 02-12-2014

hey man,

nice spoon studies. And I like how you explore composition first before commiting on the swamp elder piece.


RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Adzerak - 02-12-2014

The spellsword looks really nice, love the composition. Maybe render the hell out of it, chunky style like Ruan Jia ;D

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 02-13-2014


Hey dude!
Thank you, yeah I try to do that before every serious piece. Really helps me out! Otherwise I'll end up with a shitty comp :P


Thanks and dayuum that's some awesome art! Yeah sure, I'll just go ahead and find the master skills that I've been hiding over here :P Definitely inspirational though!

Study for the Swamp Elder piece

Study for the Spellsword piece. Learned some new stuff!

Hobbit movie study, I guess I can use this for whichever piece. Fail on the likeness!

Old Barbarian spitpainting

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Tygerson - 02-13-2014

The spellsword guy is looking amazing! I really like the rock placement in the magical prosthetic arm--sort of a subtle overall muscular shape/twist to it. He's holding the weapon as if it's got some weight to it. The whole thing just looks weighty and grounded.

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - atrenr - 02-14-2014

spell sword is rad, dude! You have a bit of a tangent with the building corner and the "start" of the blade though, watch out! I really like the old barbarian too~

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 02-18-2014

Ah thanks a bunch Tygerson, really happy that you like it! I was aiming for that with the arm, glad you noticed. Could be cool if I took it a step further and twisted it more.

Thank you man, fixed it now! Going into a barbarian frenzy, so everything will have a beard from now on. (maybe!)

So I got myself an intership at a bookstore which is the reason to why I have posted slowly. Some stuff to fix. Stressed out over it so I had a sweet 3 day migraine!
Didn't want to miss the Swamp elder challenge but I didn't have time to finish it. Twas cool to try and work on two pieces for two weeks. Learned some things about distributing time, and failing at it! :P

Here's a dudebarbarian guy with scary spells

A thingbarbarian with a fiery soul

A icebreakerbarbarian with icy touches

A normalbarbarian with plastic muscles

Study of a face for the spellsword, couldn't get the colors right in the piece. Too much cold and desaturated colors.

Here's where I'm at with the Swamp Elder piece, not sure if I want to continue or not. Tried a different approach to sketching it up. Went with full silhouettes and no lineart. I've tried it before, but it's sort of a gamble it seems. Didn't capture much of an atmosphere.

With the spellsword I went with lineart, but the problem here is still getting rid of the lines. But for me it works so much more fluid with the planning and the idea. There's not as much roadblocks. Except for finding good references to study!
Way more happy with this and will find time to finish it.

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 02-20-2014

Not very refined stuff now, stressed out these days.

Spitpaintings, black fur and phantom

Quick composition studies, will try and apply them tomorrow :o

Knight armor study

Another spoon for the drawer!

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - crackedskull - 02-20-2014

Nice updates man, love the runestone and spellsword is coming along nicely. It looks unique.
Get liftin', its a good way to alleviate stress.
Keep it up, you'll pull through stress sooner or later.

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Setah - 02-20-2014

Your work looks great! It's really nice to see how you work on your larger pictures ^^

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Jaik - 02-23-2014

AHHHHH SHIIII look at all those beautifulbarbarians.
With your problem about line art. Something I find that may help is tinting the line art away from black, getting some colour and moving it towards maybe a 90% grey, then locking transparency and subtly lighting the sides that would be hit with light. It doesn't get rid of it, but it makes it a hell of a lot easier to work it into the piece.

I didn't do any spoons this week :( and don't stress too much, you can only go as fast as you can go, and you can only do what you have done. You aren't a lazy kind of guy, so if you do less work, you know its not because you were lazy about it. It means that maybe you did need a break. Because the amount of work you have done in the past cant have been from 'pushing yourself' because no one can push themselves for that period of time, its just what you could handle at the time.

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 02-24-2014

Oh thanks that's really cool to hear. I was afraid that it was looking too cliched actually :P
Yeah the stress won't last, I just need to find a way to cope with it. Gonna pump some iron!

Thanks a lot Setah! Sweet that you like seeing that! :D

They all say thank you! The barbarians are leading up to something oOooho!
Hmm yeah that actually sounds like a good solution. Then the lineart won't take as much time to clean up, might even keep some of it. I'm going to try it tooonight, so thanks! :D

Don't worry, I didn't do many either :P (1) We shouldn't just paint them to have it done, we should paint to learn the ways of the spoon.
Really nice advice man. You bring up a good point with being able to handle things during certain periods of time. Sometimes it just gets harder to balance everything around you and that's a great mental challenge in a harsh way.
Thank you Jaik, that helped!

Today was a better day. I've noticed that if I jump straight into painted as soon as I've awakened, I'll stay focused for much longer than if I played some game to get going. Next challenge will be to come home supertired and find a structure that'll do the same.
At the same time I think it's good for me to be busier with things. That way the goal of being an illustrator gets stronger in me and I feel that I truly want to paint when I'm in a situation that doesn't allow it. Quite refreshing! The looove is coming back.

The reason I've done a lot of barbarians is because of the Diablo contest. I want to make something cool for it. Trying to figure out what's going to be original, but that felt kind of restraining. So imma paint something that will be fun instead.
Here's an exploration sketch, just wanted to look at armors and see if I could make some mix out of them.
Learned some stuff about atmosphere and how I can bring in the surrounding colors into the character to make him look less flat. I tried doing it mainly in the shadows.

A value-gesture. It's fun to pick a pose that you work on longer after you've done a session of 20 quicker gestures. I recommmmend!

Spitpainting a mushroom magician

I like staring at people on the bus while trying to remember their facial features. Then draw something out of it. Also fun, but make sure that they don't see you staring. Iz awkward.

Two quicker masterstudies, just trying to copy compositions and color