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RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 03-21-2013

Started up the Snow White project again. Here are some dwarves! Tried coming up with some classes for them, making 'em some sort of cool mining team!


RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 03-24-2013

Playing around with some silhouettes. Hopefully I'll participate in this round of bloodsports, so you'll see some exploration sketches later.


RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 03-24-2013

Initial sketch. Trying to get a feel for some animals that would make an interesting design. Hedgehog and deer would be pretty sweet. Will move on to some studies and decision making.


RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 03-24-2013

50 minute Rhino


Having some fun while watching Blade Runner. Dayum I löv dat movie.


RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 03-25-2013

Hedgehog study for Bloodsports 14! Going to have fun with this challenge.

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Lumens - 03-25-2013

Please tell me you're going for a hedgehog design for bloodsport.
You'd get my vote for most swag.

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Aklam - 03-26-2013

Well done guys you have done a great job here, i really like all of these art work. The concepts are really very awesome. I am also working in company who also deals with graphic art work and after seen your designs i have got many ideas related to my project.

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Craig Paton - 03-26-2013

Good stuff, man. Making progress and looking good.

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 03-27-2013

Lumens I'm going for it. There was never an option really! I already feel the swag flowing through me.

Aklam Thanks, but I'm just one guy! I'm glad that you got inspired!

Craig Paton Thank you Craig.

More bloodsport sketches and a spacesuit study done earlier.

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 03-28-2013

Quickstudy inbetween bloodsports work


RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 03-30-2013

Still feel like an imbecile when it comes to armors :D

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 04-04-2013

Don't know why I stopped updating for awhile! Too busy with Bloodsports I suppose. Here's some studies done for the illustration and some hot little WiP's!


RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 04-07-2013

Feels like I've posted these finals everywhere. Really want to join the new bloodsports aswell. But not sure if I have time. Going sketch a lot atleast!


Ancient architecture speedstudy done for
Really nice studymaterial if you have trouble getting started. Like I do. It's a bit fuzzy, but I think it's because I'm out of my comfort zone again. So I'll just keep it up till it disappears.


RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 04-07-2013

Applying architecture

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 04-12-2013

Just couldn't get it right!


RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 04-14-2013

Been spending a lot of time thinking about Bloodsports 15 and how to design it. I've probably locked my creativity a bit by doing that. Hardly started the illustration and I'm off to Berlin for a week now. Atleast I get to draw German buildings and stuff! Yay!


Painted my first live model with clothes. What a milestone.

And a selfportrait with cool lightning. Hoodies make you ballin'.

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 04-21-2013

Back from Berlin. What an awesome city filled with inspiration. Especially museumsinsel with all the ancient sculptures!

Haven't quite adjusted yet, but I'm trying to get into the flow again. So here's a valuestudy, using one of Alex Oliver's sculptures as reference. Check him out if you haven't, he's amazing.


And a quick one, gotta get some mythology out of my system.


RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 04-27-2013

Sketchy environment, manly men and WiP's. Sorry about the inactivity :'(




RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Toxicpanda - 04-27-2013

I really like the design you did for bloodsports. Also great studies, keep up with good work and have fun :D

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 04-30-2013

Hey thanks Toxicpanda, glad that you liked it! I'm almoost always having fun, except for when I'm not :D

Playing around with environments. It gets way too fuzzy when I apply a colorlayer over a black and white sketch. I should probably try working directly with color some more.


Comfort zone


And a WiP!