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RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 05-01-2013

Light and color

Sketchy thang

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 05-10-2013

I'm kind of baroque right now

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 05-11-2013

Litte statue-study of one badass revolutionary


And here's an attempt at fixing some issues on my entry for the beastmasters bloodsports! Got some really great critique which I immensely appreciate. Couldn't have asked for more. It was actually fun working on it some more, even though I felt soo over with it when it was finished. :D


RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 05-12-2013

Dayum I'm rusty with digital gestures!


Great site for great gestures:

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 05-12-2013

Alex Oliver is still the man with his sculptures! Gotta paint more of 'em :D


RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 05-13-2013

More value

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 05-14-2013

Some livestream fun. Streaming really helps to keep you focused :D


RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - EduardoGaray - 05-14-2013

i like this last one, nice textures and composition, his legs looks a bit short to me but dont trust me, as i usually tend to stilize my characters giving them unrealistic long legs. Are you planning to take it further?

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 05-19-2013

Thanks, having some fun with new brushes. I think that you're right, looked better when I made them longer. Yes I will take it as long as I can :D

Been spending the day with a moviestudy!

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 05-26-2013

sketch and a study

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 05-26-2013

Thinking about painting outside with oils this summer. So this is an introduction to trees :D


RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 05-27-2013

Did some quick portraits today and started up a new little Goblin-exploration project. Tried out diffrent classes and settled with an assassin type. Also finished up my Apollo piece, couldn't livestream the last parts because my internet connection is messing about D:


RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 05-31-2013

Quick environment

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 06-02-2013

So summer holidays have just begun for me and I'm planning on doing as much as I possibly can do to improve my art. Started today with some anatomy and gesture-drawing. Been doing a lot of those lately, but it's not that showable to be honest :p

A cavestudy which I found really hard, but that's the only way to learn I suppose!
And a sketchy thing that didn't lead anywhere.


Looking forward to spending more time on the forums and seeing everybody work hard :D

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 06-03-2013

A conan sketch for fun, just because I started reading the novels again. They're reaaally good. Not sure if I want to push it more


RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - EduardoGaray - 06-03-2013

i like that turkish? :) sci fi warrior and the conan sketch. Glad to see that someone like that kind of literature here.
I would say, push it more man! why not? it could be a cool portolio piece/learning experience but be sure to do some Frazetta master studies to get in the mood.

RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 06-04-2013

Thanks, yeah he's turkish! It's hard to not like the conan novels, Robert sure knew how to paint a vivid picture with words. Seriously, it's like a movie when reading it. :D I was actually thinking about doing a Frazetta study, so that just seals the deal! Thanks for words man. I'll probably try and continue a bit on it then :D

Here's the finished character exploration on my goblin and a companion thumbnail!


And some livestream environments, feng zhu style! Switched between them, had an oil rig in mind. Not very comfortable with this but it was really fun


Oh forgot to post these quick architectural studies


RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 06-04-2013

Starting the day with a longer modelstudy


RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - Bjulvar - 06-06-2013




RE: Bjulvar's Sketchbook - arden - 06-06-2013

Hey, good consistent work here! I feel like you need to focus more on your forms though. Form is getting lost in the texture and colour of your images. Think about your light source and the surface of your subject and really push the planes. Anthony Jones has a great talk about it on his livestream, called "form over texture" or something.