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bemota's sketchbook - bemota - 12-02-2012

Hey, I'm new to Crimson Daggers! Although I've heard a whole lot about you guys I only decided to join this week. I've been thinking about making a sketchbook here...

Ok, it is now or never. I'm a lazy bum and I need to work more.

Here's some portfolio stuff I've done:

[Image: MMt5Xl.jpg]

[Image: 4WpWJl.jpg]

[Image: BqSRHl.jpg]

[Image: Ilupkl.jpg]

[Image: DqfsOl.jpg]

And some stuff I did this week, 30 min each:
[Image: twC1zl.jpg]

I have the bad habit of not organizing my digital paintings and not saving most of my studies so having this will correct that hopefully. I also think I'll be looking for a partner around here, if anyone is interested I'm in GMT.

I'll post later today with fresh work. 088

RE: bemota's sketchbook - bemota - 12-02-2012

[Image: F6rTAl.jpg]

Some Hampton studies before bed.

RE: bemota's sketchbook - bemota - 12-03-2012

Some more Hampton studies:
[Image: Hampton002.jpg]

Quick study from an old movie screen cap:
[Image: b_wscreen_cap_study.jpg]

And two speedies without my glasses. I'm practically blind but it's great fun:
[Image: no_glasses_speedy_2.jpg]
[Image: no_glasses_speedy.jpg]

Need to work my values!

RE: bemota's sketchbook - Egbu - 12-03-2012

welcome to the daggers :). Nice studies

RE: bemota's sketchbook - Fei Ou - 12-03-2012

You've got some wicked skills at such a young age, man. Keep up this passion and you're gonna be one big badass artist later on.

RE: bemota's sketchbook - Lumens - 12-03-2012

I agree with Fei, wicked skills indeed. Your first nude portrait is insane!

RE: bemota's sketchbook - bemota - 12-04-2012

Thanks everyone! You guys are too kind... make me feel even more ashamed of how little I applied myself today.

Did some perspective and cast shadows exercises, inspired by other sketchbooks around here. Still a bit confused with the more complicated stuff.

[Image: Q465Ul.jpg]

[Image: k3ED9l.jpg]

And some figure gestures because i still cant use my tablet properly and need to work my digital lines. God I hate this tablet so much.

[Image: jzs2Sl.jpg]
[Image: JBaK2l.jpg]
[Image: p1B3zl.jpg]

RE: bemota's sketchbook - LaleAnn - 12-04-2012

Amazing sketchbook! Can't wait to see what's coming next!! :D

RE: bemota's sketchbook - bemota - 12-05-2012

Thanks LaleAnn! Although I would prefer people screaming at me.

Today I experimented a bit with graphite, my arch-enemy, doing a self portrait (with a funny face) but failed miserably, then I tried more stuff on top of it... It's in my sketchbook so it isn't even worth it taking a pic, just leaving a note here.

Some more gesture drawing, still getting the hang of doing line work with my tablet:
[Image: 4yXsAl.jpg]

[Image: NrBddl.jpg]

(30 and 60 seconds instead of 2 minutes from yesterday so I'm at least improving my speed)

Tried to do a study but I think it was a bit of a miss:
[Image: ec2rul.jpg]

(I realize that the problem with both working in graphite and this study is my lack of patience. Must work on that.)

And then, THEN!, I decided to do another study so that i could just call it a day but because the universe is against me, my computer turned off when i was over 1 hour in without saving. So yeah, it was one of THOSE days.

Learned some though. (And if you guys don't mind I think I'll keep using this as sort of an art diary.)

EDIT: btw, forgot to point out an awesome website I found for references:

RE: bemota's sketchbook - iCi - 12-05-2012

Sweet line drawings. I like the amount and the way of studying, nice job!

RE: bemota's sketchbook - Brainfruit - 12-06-2012

Looking good. Are you intending on posting something every day? I want to know because I have this anthrax waiting for you.

RE: bemota's sketchbook - bemota - 12-06-2012

Hey brainfruit. Yes, I intend to post daily.

And I'm sorry, I can't understand what you meant next, not familiar with what anthrax is other than the band... Maybe I'm just a bit slow today.

EDIT: OOOH, got it! Yes I'll work, you don't need to poison me.

RE: bemota's sketchbook - EduardoGaray - 12-06-2012

first time i see your sketchbook, you are killing it.
The woman of the first post is ace!

RE: bemota's sketchbook - bemota - 12-06-2012

Thanks Eduardo!

So, today I, unfortunately, didn't get much time. I have a geometry test tomorrow and have been discussing stuff with my colleagues and studying.

Although I decided to use my time to work on my color perception skills and my speed. Here are 10 minute studies from screencaps of Blade Runner, trying to capture as much light/color information as I could in that short time (EDIT: Using only the HSB sliders):
[Image: LXkqjl.jpg]

"Could have done better" is a sentence that recently comes to mind very often.

RE: bemota's sketchbook - bemota - 12-07-2012

So, today I didn't do much either. Because I did my last test I decided to relax a bit and continue my gesture an line practices:
[Image: J0vZjl.jpg]
[Image: PPmj1l.jpg]

And just to evaluate my progress I decided to calmly do some sketches without reference based on what I learned:
[Image: lGA2Dl.jpg]

Although there isn't much today I actually feel happy. Odd isn't it?

RE: bemota's sketchbook - erikHolfelder - 12-07-2012

I'm a noob so I've got no good crits, but looking good so far. Keep hitting the things that are the hardest!

I dig that mountain study actually. Values seem different but I like yours better haha.

RE: bemota's sketchbook - bemota - 12-08-2012

Working my weaknesses.

Hands (2 minute gestures):
[Image: EScuLl.jpg]

Graphite ane faces (Self-portrait). The first one I did to test the waters (silly expression) but didn't like it very much so I went all Marcel Duchamp on it:
[Image: GdXkFl.jpg]

[Image: 84zrll.jpg]

And a sketch of an inteligent looking half-orc:
[Image: atPRil.jpg]

RE: bemota's sketchbook - LaleAnn - 12-08-2012

Keep going! These all look grreeat! The 10 min color studies are really nice too! I should get into that as soon as my next painting is over! :)

RE: bemota's sketchbook - Ursula Dorada - 12-09-2012

Doing great men! Keep going :D
The colors are great and I love the gestures. Maybe you should really try a longer study and push rendering too!

But just maybe. Don't rush it!

RE: bemota's sketchbook - bemota - 12-09-2012

Thank you LaleAnn and Ursula! And yes, I'll probably do a longer study soon like the first image in my first post.

I'm ashamed of how little I've done today considering the time...

[Image: rCJrml.jpg]
[Image: LugXzl.jpg]
[Image: aslSMl.jpg]
Working my arms.

[Image: TC6IQl.jpg]
No reference.

[Image: lGaBPl.jpg]
Small study.