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Hobitt-hole - Hobitt - 01-05-2013

Hello,my long term goal is to become a concept artist, i live in eastern europe im 18 started drawing a little bit more that a year ago.CD looks like a place where i can improve my skills and recieve critique.
here is my DA some new stuff there.
I will try to update this sb frequently.

RE: Hobitt-hole - Hobitt - 01-06-2013

Heres some photo studies i did today tried to keep them quick.

RE: Hobitt-hole - BATE - 01-06-2013

Good start!Keep it up !

RE: Hobitt-hole - Hobitt - 01-08-2013

Update some nature studies

RE: Hobitt-hole - Hobitt - 01-10-2013

Been reading Dune great book and inspired me to draw something from that universe
so heres a fremen

RE: Hobitt-hole - Hobitt - 04-05-2013

Well..Its been a while now kind of abandoned this SB but now im back so yeah ill try not to do that anymore.
So here is my latest stuff.Will be concentrating on anatomy until june then ill switch.
Critiques are welcome

RE: Hobitt-hole - Hobitt - 04-14-2013

Still doing anatomy here are some photo studies and a failed leyendecker study : P

RE: Hobitt-hole - DomSinkevic - 04-14-2013

Really nice studies! I especially like your line drawings. I would recommend you doing more black and white value studies. It'll help you improve defining shape and adding depth to the piece!

RE: Hobitt-hole - Hobitt - 04-20-2013

So more anatomy: photo studies and some from imagination

RE: Hobitt-hole - Turpentine Jones - 04-20-2013

Your focus on Anatomy is defiantly starting to pay off comrade. Do be mindful of the proportions of the legs as some of them are quite short. I am particularly impressed with the back muscles. Very good job.

RE: Hobitt-hole - Budgie - 04-20-2013

hey man. I always love to look at anatomy studies.
I can see that on a lot of your drawings the chest area is out of proportion: it's to narrow/small.
the first vid in this page might help:
-you can also download the full course somewhere, utorrent ghehe-
for now, try to focus a bit more on proportions and the underlaying structure in the body instead of muscles (they certainly are important, so don't forget them). Combine this with loomis studies and you'll definitely improve. GOGOGO :D good luck!
You can also try some figure drawing with a timer. You'll probably know
see ya!

RE: Hobitt-hole - Hobitt - 04-21-2013

More anatomy! this time proportions.

RE: Hobitt-hole - Markus - 04-21-2013

I like the sketchy nature studies. With the linework though, take your time to consider the direction and movement of the line to effectively portray the form of the object.
Also I think the Dune inspired piece is a great example of applying what you learn, from memory, on an imaginative piece. I feel that is a great way to learn, first with observation and then with liberal application.
Keep it up with the studies!

RE: Hobitt-hole - Raymond Luk - 04-28-2013

Hey man, first time seeing your stuff, and as tess mentioned, keep combining that anatomy study with proportions (loomis) and you'll be very well off :D More imagination pieces! 25/7 8D

RE: Hobitt-hole - Hobitt - 04-28-2013

More anatomy from imagination! Will do fun pieces a bit later!

RE: Hobitt-hole - Hobitt - 05-02-2013

More stuff!!!

RE: Hobitt-hole - kikindaface - 05-02-2013

hey man, i had a look at your sketchbook, and i'd say you should def draw a lot more ! your bargue studies have some mistakes, so you should try to spend a lot more time on them, some other artists are spending a hundred of hours on a single bargue study, i once did ( maybe 50 hours ) and it helped me so much to understand form ! Also you should avoid shading your stuff for now, it's not adding anything to your drawing, sometimes even making it worse. when you'll have a good eye for proportions and volumes, haching will help you rendering different textures and give a light direction . concerning your painting skills, do tons of studies from simple stuff such as fruits for now, it'll help you a lot !! keep it up !

RE: Hobitt-hole - JonHop - 05-03-2013

Took a look through your sketchbook and nice youre putting in the studies, if I may make a suggestion for drawing the human form doing 60 second - 2 min gesture sketches will help you to break down form into the most basic forms as you have a time limit and you wont need to worry about rendering anything just getting down the gesture. this website has a free time limit tool where it will change the image of the model at the end of the time limit you set.

That should also help you to analyze the recurring mistakes made when you do anatomy studies and help you watch out for them and learn from them :).

RE: Hobitt-hole - Hobitt - 05-03-2013

Thank you for the feedback!Will get back to gesture drawing, altough it is a bit difficult to draw in digital and keep the gesture website up on one screen.And yeah ill do some still lifes not sure about bargue studies for now.

RE: Hobitt-hole - Hobitt - 05-06-2013

More anatomy! And now this month i will concentrate on smaller anatomy detail like heads hands feet etc. and perhaps drapery.To stay in shape with the general figure drawing i will do gestures daily and do some rendering practice once in a while and in summer i will concentrate on perspective!