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Angies sketchbook of stuff and things - Angel_Intheuk - 01-18-2013

[edit] I was going to do a sketchbook of just concept art and studies here instead of caricatures like my old one on but the heart wants what the hearts wants and mine clearly wants exaggerated portraits of famous people :P

I will try and do other things though...promise!

Please crit if you feel like it, always appreciated! ;)

I started with the random character generator. The first two are a bit crap so I've decided to be bit more structured with the last one which is a blonde, curly haired villian (gangster, assassin) who is also a drunk that wears goth style clothes.

got as far as initial design doodles and a couple of photo studies...

RE: Angies sketchbook - Angel_Intheuk - 01-21-2013

Photo study of gothic armour...

RE: Angies sketchbook - Angel_Intheuk - 01-22-2013

Gothic style clothing studies...

RE: Angies sketchbook - Angel_Intheuk - 01-25-2013

Not been able to get as much done as I'd hoped this week, got some sort of inner ear infection which makes me feel like I'm standing on a boat constantly..eurgh!

But managed to work on some compostion thumbs, I'm undecided on whether to do a simple single figure pose or do him with his entourage...

RE: Angies sketchbook - Angel_Intheuk - 01-28-2013

small update on the compositional sketches...

RE: Angies sketchbook - Angel_Intheuk - 01-31-2013

I might have settled too early, not sure it's working, but anyway, here's progress...

RE: Angies sketchbook - Angel_Intheuk - 02-01-2013

Man, I'm indecisive about this composition, I think this works better and I extended the top so I could practice doing an enviro behind him...

RE: Angies sketchbook - Angel_Intheuk - 02-04-2013

Managed to spend the whole of today painting and listened to a couple of streams..all in all a nice day :)

progress on my Goth assassin drunk...(decided backgrounds are over-rated..or I'm lazy)

RE: Angies sketchbook - Angel_Intheuk - 03-07-2013

Abandoned the gothic villian for now, I will be back.

Just got distracted by Neil Gaiman's collaboration project with Blackberry, he's written 12 stories and asked people to illustrate them and he'll choose the winners.

February's tale was a quick one..the one with the genie is for Octobers tale, i'm not too sure on the anatomy but it's getting there, any crits?...

RE: Angies sketchbook - Angel_Intheuk - 03-07-2013

update on the calendar entry...I managed to sort of finish it before I put it in for crit at and then practically repainted the entire thing.. I made the deadline...

RE: Angies sketchbook - Angel_Intheuk - 03-22-2013

A commission I did for my friend trying a technique Jason Seiler uses (I did this while watching his Art of Sketching DVD..I highly recommend it!) using ball pointpoint pen on watercolour paper and then painting with watercolour on top. A bit nerve-wracking at first but once my confidence grew I really enjoyed it...anyway here's the process...

RE: Angies sketchbook - Angel_Intheuk - 03-24-2013

Just some Bloodsports#13 ideas and thumbs, got down to 2 ideas and ran out of time, but a good exercise anyway...

RE: Angies sketchbook - Angel_Intheuk - 04-06-2013

Bloodsport 15 ideas..

Sorceresses and Golumns....

RE: Angies sketchbook - Angel_Intheuk - 07-08-2013

Just something a little silly to practice values with today :D

RE: Angies sketchbook - Angel_Intheuk - 07-09-2013

Worked on DaveDan a bit more ;) pushin those shapes and values...

RE: Angies sketchbook - MonoOrder - 07-09-2013

Love the caricatures. The one you did in watercolor really turned out great! I hope your friend liked it! Would love to see you finish the one of Dan and Dave.

RE: Angies sketchbook - Angel_Intheuk - 07-10-2013

Thanks MonoOrder :) - That watercolour one just seemed to paint itself (I like it when they do that).

Update on Dave and Dan, just trying to capture their likenesses more (man! I had Dave way off) still quite a bit to do, though I don't want to overwork it like I tend to do...

RE: Angies sketchbook of stuff and things - Angel_Intheuk - 07-11-2013

Coupla sketches

RE: Angies sketchbook of stuff and things - Angel_Intheuk - 07-12-2013

Last nights sketch for the Caricaturama 3000 contest on facebook...

Helle Berry.

RE: Angies sketchbook of stuff and things - Angel_Intheuk - 07-14-2013

Been doing the Tom Fluharty oil painting course, self-taught. Here's the progress so far, the underpainting stage and most of the colouring phase...