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Doing it - Chaud - 03-14-2013

I was fat in the end of 2011, was with 98kg, for a 5'8 guy is was a lot. By 2012 I lost 22kg which was great but my goal is to be with 72 kg. As I got lazy in the end of 2012 I got back some 5kg puting me back to 81 kg. So I'll use this as a motivational to get back on track and to achieve the 72 kg that I want. Right now I'm with 78 kg and got back to my healthy eating habit and I'm back to exercizing. which I'm doing twice per day, some walk or jogging in the morning and some musculation in the afternoon. I'm thinking about how can I take pictures because I think it helps to motivate me and everybody that might come to this tread. Sorry for any bad english.

General Objectives

Current weight: 78 kg
Goal weight: 72 kg

Morning: Walking or Jogging depending on how well I feel.
Afternoon: Workouts (curently doing p90x or a 15 minute workout my sister recommended me to do).

Food Objectives: Eat less fast food and eat more health food and fruits.
Water Objectives: Hardly I can drink more than 1L a da, trying to get to 2L.

RE: Doing it - Chaud - 03-22-2013

Found a way to keep track of my progress, have been working hrd for one and a half week already, I think I'll keep a progress picture every 15 days, sounds a good plan. Here is the way I'm right now.

[Image: week1_front.jpg]

[Image: week1_side.jpg]

[Image: week1_back.jpg]

Can't see any results yet, but I'm feeling good and with more energy, which I think is a godd sign.

RE: Doing it - Chaud - 04-05-2013

Well I'm post now cause I'll cant post in the weekend. 15 days later, the small results but I'll keep going hard. I'm feeling greatafter this first month of exercises, I forgot to take pictures from the begining, but I lost some 5 to 6 pounds, which I think is great, not the very best result, but still improvements.

[Image: week3_front.JPG]

[Image: week3_side.JPG]

[Image: week3_back.JPG]

Let's go Daggers. Hopefully next monh I'll get some more muscles. See you guys in two weeks.