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Failure is not an option! - Karnich - 04-02-2013

Ok, April the 1st, no better time to write my deathline.
As some of you might know from the introduce yourself thread, I made a while ago, I have "abandoned" my studies for computer science in the local university in favour for art. In short I will complete my education there but only because of the diploma since I have almost graduated.
At the time I am writing this I have almost 5 months of experience in drawing and here are the things I will try to accomplish until the end of the deathline:

- since I was focused on fundamentals during the past few months I don't have almost anything presentable in order to create a sketchbook, I will create one very soon;
- continue studying fundamentals at a slower rate and concentrate in more "finished" pieces;
- improving my english, all teachers that I had were almost similar - "Read this, read that, ok excellent.";
- work-out and run atleast two times a week each to help my body from the static life in front of the computer;
and the most crucial point:
- be able to fully support myself from art until the end of the deathline, failure in this is not an option and any support here in the thread is more than appreciated.

The end of the deathline will be floating - the moment in which I will spend my last money which I have accumulated from scholarships for food and bills. Optimistically this will be about a year from now on.
The cards are on the table, only time will tell how the things will turn out.

RE: Failure is not an option! - the creepy troll - 04-06-2013

hey dude were in a pretty similar situation :) if u ever want someone to study with or talk to while studying hit me up on skype names thomas rex foster on it also if there's anything i can help with ile gladly share my knowledge probably not a good idea to listen but lol ile gladly share :3

RE: Failure is not an option! - DomSinkevic - 04-08-2013

I wish you best of luck! Stay strong! And update from time to time. :)

RE: Failure is not an option! - Karnich - 04-09-2013

Thanks guys! I will update every now and then and finally I'm opening a sketchbook right now, so I'll post some things in there too. I saw in your deathline Dom a while ago that you too are underweight, actually I have the same problem and I hope the work-out will help for that too, GL in your goals!