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MF's SB. - MrFrenik - 05-14-2013

I've been browsing the forums for a bit, and it seems like this is a good place to find community support and competition to better myself. So here I am. I'll just upload a few recent studies/sketches I've done to start out. I'll make sure to go around and visit plenty of SB's. Thanks for viewing/commenting/critiquing!

RE: MF's SB. - Izzual - 05-14-2013

Welcome ! :D You've got a really nice sketchbook here ! I particularly love the rendering on the last one and the design / line work is quite cool ! I want to see more :) !!!

RE: MF's SB. - MrFrenik - 05-14-2013

Izzual - Thanks for the welcome and kind words, man. The last design isn't mine - thank Carlos Huante for that one (and many more of his as well). Just did a rendering/color study of it.

Took one of my older sketches and did a quick render of it tonight using what I learned from the Huante study. Let me know what you think.

RE: MF's SB. - CoreyH - 05-15-2013

Your linework is beautiful mate! Really liking the rendering on Sir Greenboobs too. Will keep an eye on this sb for sure.

RE: MF's SB. - MonoOrder - 05-15-2013

Great start to your sketchbook! I really like the way you study. It's efficient and not just random copies like some people do. Would love to see more!

RE: MF's SB. - MrFrenik - 05-16-2013

Another sketch render.

RE: MF's SB. - CoreyH - 05-19-2013

Nice graphic design feel in the last one man!

RE: MF's SB. - Rindoukan - 05-20-2013

I simply adore those values man.Very cool stuff.Keep it up n hope to see more of all that goodness.

RE: MF's SB. - MrFrenik - 05-20-2013

Thanks a lot, guys, always appreciate the comments.

I took one of the previous renders and polished it some more.

RE: MF's SB. - MrFrenik - 05-20-2013

Thanks for the comments, gents and gals.

Had an idea after watching Cesar Dacol Jr.'s Youtube channel to do a blob monster that's engulfed several people that are trying to escape it. So quick sketch of that showing some of my reference. And also another quick render of one of my older thumbnail sketches.

RE: MF's SB. - Mannequin - 05-20-2013

Wow...disturbing creature :) But Your imagination is fantastic. Totally crazy ideas here!

RE: MF's SB. - MrFrenik - 05-23-2013

Silhouettes and design studies.

RE: MF's SB. - Rindoukan - 05-24-2013

I adore the renderring on the werewolf.What kind of brush do u use to do that ? Seems like a soft round with opacity ?

RE: MF's SB. - MrFrenik - 05-24-2013

Thanks, Rindoukan. The brush is a round chalk brush with opacity set to pressure sensitivity and dual brush set to a canvas texture. If I make it big enough it's easy to see all the texture it has, but when used small like a pencil, it has a good grain to it and actually behaves similar to a pencil. I like it a lot for sketching.

And, for anyone interested, this is how I study; I just set up a bunch of images in a row that I like and try and pick small things from each.

RE: MF's SB. - Rindoukan - 05-24-2013

do you mind uploading it somewhere where I might be able to get it to give it a try ?

RE: MF's SB. - MrFrenik - 05-24-2013

I have it saved as a tool preset. If you can tell where to find it to be able to upload it then I'd be happy to, but I'm kinda lost when it comes to that.

Honestly though, it's easy to make; just find a default brush that's round in shape with texture to it; you could even creature your own, which I'd recommend. Just overlay a photo or texture pattern on top of a hard brush then save that as a custom texture brush. You can come up with so much cool stuff that way; I actually need to give that a try. Once you do that, just go into brush settings and turn on dual brush to one of the default textures you have; that's all I did. And when I saved the pencil tool preset, I made sure to include the color, which is about 85% grey and not all the way black, much like an actual graphite pencil is.

RE: MF's SB. - Rindoukan - 05-24-2013

how about that ?Im not sure how tool presets work

thats what I found so im guessing it's just reverese engeneer so I think you just click the options button top right and go to your preset manager and pick the tools you want to save and then click the save button and pick where you want to save it.I think it goes as a .tpl

RE: MF's SB. - MrFrenik - 05-24-2013

what's your email?

RE: MF's SB. - Rindoukan - 05-24-2013

[email protected]

RE: MF's SB. - silverkeeper - 05-24-2013

sr this sketchbook is really cool!! i love your creatures designs, keep it up!