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Camerra's Sketchbook - enricocamerra - 05-30-2013

Here is some examples from my sketchbook! Hope you enjoy! Most of them are reproductions of daarken's original subject, and the credit goes to him!

Critics are welcome! So comment!! :)

And sorry for the big size! the next time will be smaller!

RE: Camerra's Sketchbook - EduardoGaray - 05-30-2013

hey Enrico, nice start for your sketchbook, i recognise most of the illustrations you studied from Daarken as he is one of my fav artists out there.
Overall, these are good studies but my personal suggestion is, when doing studies stay away from artists that are currently working on the industry. Try doing some studies from old masters, that would be 10x more challenging (and potentially 10x times fun!)

Looking forward to see more!

RE: Camerra's Sketchbook - enricocamerra - 05-30-2013

Thanks Ed, I will follow your advice! I've just start mine digital experience, and I didn't know how to start, so I thought Daarken subjects were useful to start!

RE: Camerra's Sketchbook - EduardoGaray - 05-30-2013

then i think this site have all you need to get started :)

RE: Camerra's Sketchbook - enricocamerra - 06-02-2013

Another piece to add to my sketchbook...

RE: Camerra's Sketchbook - Rognoll - 06-02-2013

You sure love skulls! Awesome sketchbook

RE: Camerra's Sketchbook - enricocamerra - 06-04-2013

Landscape comp study. Made in about 7 hours.

RE: Camerra's Sketchbook - enricocamerra - 06-10-2013

A wip, studying colors and volumes of the face and the details around..:)

RE: Camerra's Sketchbook - enricocamerra - 06-12-2013

Speedpainting, 20 minutes

RE: Camerra's Sketchbook - Toxicpanda - 06-12-2013

Hello Enrico, nice sketchbook you have here.
I recognised some studies you were doing here. As you already got suggestion up there- try doing some studies on old masters, colors are much more challenging.
ANd you should do more human studies-that one actually looked nice. Always make sure to know where the focus is and what is going to have more details,and what less.

Keep up with good work and have fun :D

RE: Camerra's Sketchbook - enricocamerra - 06-12-2013

Hey thanks for the advice, I'm already doing some studies from Caravaggio. For the focus, I think that if I'm doing some anatomy study, I must focus on all the details to learn every part of anatomy. But in the case I'm working on an illustration, the piece will be focused on what I want to focus, and will be less detailed where i want the eye pass away...

RE: Camerra's Sketchbook - enricocamerra - 06-13-2013

A glass texture study and a 40 minutes speedpainting :)

RE: Camerra's Sketchbook - enricocamerra - 06-14-2013

20 minutes speedpaint

RE: Camerra's Sketchbook - devinn - 06-14-2013

great start! wish I was this good when i started...heck, I wish I am this good now!

Hey, try applying your studies towards a full illustration! I'm interested to see how it will turn out (:

RE: Camerra's Sketchbook - EduardoGaray - 06-14-2013

be sure to post those caravaggio studies, also nice to see a still life here, do more! :)

RE: Camerra's Sketchbook - enricocamerra - 06-14-2013

Sure, i'll post it when i finish the study! :)

RE: Camerra's Sketchbook - enricocamerra - 06-20-2013

Some sketch from life

RE: Camerra's Sketchbook - enricocamerra - 07-02-2013

updating my sketchb! i don't post all I make..for example the wip studies:) when they will be finished I will post them for sure! :)

RE: Camerra's Sketchbook - enricocamerra - 07-03-2013

some new incomplete stuff..

RE: Camerra's Sketchbook - aks9 - 07-03-2013

wow, beautiful work on that landscape in post 18!
and the background turned out great in that imagination portrait : )