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Lex Paul`s stuff - Lex_paul - 06-25-2013

Hy Daggers!

My name is Alexandrescu Paul or Lex Paul on DA or other forums. I do full time freelance almost since an year now and i have some studio experience.

Ill also post some finished illustrations here but ill mostly post sketches and studies.

My first post here and... I decide that i need to make some changes regarding my skills and do something to grow faster so i decided to make an study schedule every day. So i will start by sketching some 3 - 10 minutes sketches every day.

I will be posting them here and on:

My CGHub forum thread:
And facebook:
My DA account is:
And my portfolio site is:

So ill start!:D here are some of my finished illustrations:


And here is the first set of sketches i did this 2 days.

[attachment=26089] [attachment=26093]
[attachment=26091] [attachment=26095]

RE: Lex Paul`s stuff - Lex_paul - 06-26-2013

And this are today`s study stuff.

RE: Lex Paul`s stuff - OtherMuzz - 06-26-2013

Oh damn this is some serious skills!

Awesome work.

Only thing i can see to critique right now is how you handle rim lights seems a bit strange to me. In a lot of places you seem to be using it as a bright border rather than a really bright light source. That's especially evident on the dinosaur piece.

RE: Lex Paul`s stuff - Lex_paul - 06-27-2013

Thanks OtherMuzz!:D Yea, it has an pretty decorative light on his tails...I wanted to show much better the form but i may used it too much.

Here are yesterdays sketches.

RE: Lex Paul`s stuff - Toxicpanda - 06-27-2013

Hi pandapandapanda avatar :)
I'm really glad to see you post your stuff here finally. I can't wait to see more of your sketches and work,and I hope you'll post more often than on facebook.

RE: Lex Paul`s stuff - Lex_paul - 06-28-2013

Today`s work. Here i am at 10 pages, that means in 5 days i already did 50 sketches. need to keep this habit:D

Hey Toxicpanda ! Nice to see you here, i know very few people around...yea...i think its good to study more and here seems to be lots of people who study. Ill try to post often but most of the stuff i do for freelance clients i cant show ill mostly have studies here.


RE: Lex Paul`s stuff - Lex_paul - 06-30-2013

Scarlett Johansson is awesome! so i had to paint her:D Anyway this took almost 2 days(10 hr) and i didn`t had time left to do figure sketches this 2 days. Ill do my best to find time and keep improving:D


RE: Lex Paul`s stuff - matt_radway - 06-30-2013

amazing job on that last study! You nailed the lighitng, can't wait to see more :)

RE: Lex Paul`s stuff - Lex_paul - 07-01-2013

today`s 10-15 min sketches, need to work moreeee!!!

my DA:

my blog:


RE: Lex Paul`s stuff - inkmech - 07-01-2013

I really like that portrait of scarlett jo. I'd watch your value levels and details in the paintings they have a tendency to distract and flatten out the image. Figure studies are coming along really nicely. Cheers, Keep it up!

RE: Lex Paul`s stuff - smrr - 07-01-2013

Fantastic work in this sketchbook!
Love that Scar Jo portrait, what a beauty!

I can't crit you on anything, just keep pushing hard Lex!

RE: Lex Paul`s stuff - Lex_paul - 07-02-2013


smrrfette - Thanks a lot man!;) im glad you like that study, was nice to work on:D need to work more studies like that in near future.

inkmech - Thanks, man for time;) yea, colors and construction is my main concern and i feel i need to work more on those. But i also want to push hard in to getting better in line drawings so ill have mostly line studies for a wile. Wold love to have more time to can also work on more detailed stuff.

And here are my today`s sketches. This is day 8 from my studies habit:D


RE: Lex Paul`s stuff - Izzual - 07-02-2013

Oh very nice sketchbook here, you got nice paintings !

Be careful on your proportions for the gesture sketches, I think the head is sometimes too small.

Keep the great work up ! :D

RE: Lex Paul`s stuff - Lex_paul - 07-03-2013

So now i thought its time for getting out of the comfort zone, so...faster gestures! this are 2 min each and im pushing hard to get like 60 sec each.

Thanks Izzual- Yea, im working on the postures and proportions and yea...seems i have a problem with heads sizes. Thanks man;)

RE: Lex Paul`s stuff - Lex_paul - 07-04-2013

My faster gestures for today, this are 2 min each and im pushing hard to get like 60 sec each.


RE: Lex Paul`s stuff - Izzual - 07-04-2013

You are doing well man ! I already see progress in your proportions, you're making them faster and better !

Keep it up !! :D

RE: Lex Paul`s stuff - Lex_paul - 07-07-2013

Izzual - Thanks a lot dude!;) yea, seems to go better, too bad i had to make a pause last 2 days...

My fast gestures from today, yesterday and one day ago.
I had some problems last 2 days and had no time to post. now here are the images from the last 2 days.


RE: Lex Paul`s stuff - Lex_paul - 07-08-2013

My gestures from today...wasnt a good day...but im not willing to quit this now.

RE: Lex Paul`s stuff - silverkeeper - 07-12-2013

Getting better and better Alex! Those gesture drawings are delicious!.

[Image: tumblr_mguaf2H6WZ1qzspj4o1_500.gif]

RE: Lex Paul`s stuff - Bjulvar - 07-15-2013

Hey man! Found ya!
Gestures are already looking much better in your later posts. One thing I could recommend is checking out Glenn Vilppu, he uses a really nice gesture technique that feels very fluid and quick. The sketches become more soft too.
Keep it up man, it's paying off :D