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Art :) - bluecs9 - 08-28-2013

Sorry guys I'm new here and don't really know many people here. So here is my story. I'm a 17 years old guy living in Ireland. I have this talent for art or I guess I do. People say I do and if I put apart art there is nothing left that I'm good at so I guess I will go with it. Here is few of my drawings. Can you please leave a comment about it please ? I would really appreciate the effort. You can tell me anything you want about it, I will be happy to understand what I did wrong and what I need to improve in my drawing. I would like to move on in a future career linked with art. I also like playing video games and I think it will be a good idea to create the characters in a game or the scenes or stuff like that but here is the BIG BIG IDEA that i've been dragging you up to this point. If in 6 years ( in 6 years i finish college and get a stable job for the future ) I will be as good as other artists I would like to do something like... drawing that's it . Just drawing and drawing and get paid for my art. Is it possible ? is there a name for this kind of job ? if it doesn't exist I can try go in a game studio but I don't know what to be : game designer or game animator ? which from a game company would be suitable for me ? I only want to draw something and work a little bit at computer, to animate it. I hope someone can help me out. Please guys ^ ^ I really appreciate it :) Sorry for the long post. :)