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René Aigner's Sketchbook - ReneAigner - 10-04-2013

Hey there and thanks for taking a look at my SB.

My name is René, I'm based in Munich, Germany. I've been painting for 10 years or so but started to practice daily about 10 months ago. I'm currently studying at Munich university (nothing art related) and will graduate in about a year. I hope to get my art skills up to speed until then and break into the industry in some capacity.

I'll refrain from posting a lot of older work (there's tons on my FB page, see link below) and just start with studies/illustrations I've completed in the last days. Then I'll keep the updates coming from there.

So here goes:

[Image: lincs_landscape_1.jpg]

[Image: lincs_landscape_2.jpg]

[Image: spring_final.jpg]

[Image: stud_0913_13.jpg]

[Image: stud_0813_12.jpg]

[Image: EOW_214_final.jpg]

[Image: stud_0913_06.jpg]

[Image: bud_0913_01.jpg]

[Image: bbb1.jpg]

[Image: stud_1013_01.jpg]

[Image: stud_1013_03.jpg]

[Image: stud_1013_04.jpg]

[Image: stud_1013_05.jpg]

[Image: stud_1013_06.jpg]

[Image: stud_1013_07.jpg]

[Image: stud_1013_08.jpg]

[Image: stud_1013_09.jpg]


RE: René Aigner's Sketchbook - Madzia - 10-05-2013

wow, sweet environments, love colors too. All your works looks really professional! Like from feng zhu school :D are they some assignments? did you finished some art course?

RE: René Aigner's Sketchbook - ReneAigner - 10-05-2013

Thanks Madzia! No, I'm completely self-taught (as in: I have no formal art education or degree).


From abstraction to illustration: An example of how an abstract Alchemy output is transformed into a painting. The alchemy output is generated almost completely by chance. The remaining task is to "see" forms and depth in the forms and distill the elements of the composition.
[Image: stud_1013_10.jpg]

RE: René Aigner's Sketchbook - Rognoll - 10-05-2013

Dude, your stuff is awesome. I've been following you on FB and DA for a while, good to see you here too.

RE: René Aigner's Sketchbook - smrr - 10-05-2013

Yeeeeaaah, I didn't comment yesterday because shiiiiiiiiiiieeettt

Oh and dayum, that was you that posted in Art Buddies? Awesome! I was actually thinking of finally starting up Alchemy and seeing where I could take things... though probably not to the mouth-watering standard that you produce J: ! haha, too cool

Keep kicking butt! :D

RE: René Aigner's Sketchbook - ReneAigner - 10-06-2013

/edit Geez, forgot to thank you as well Rognoll, I'm so sorry. It's very much appreciated ! =)

Thanks smrrfette! I have no idea what art buddies is though? As far as I know I never posted anything there.

[Image: stud_1013_11.jpg]

RE: René Aigner's Sketchbook - ReneAigner - 10-07-2013

[Image: stud_1013_12.jpg]

RE: René Aigner's Sketchbook - ReneAigner - 10-07-2013

This was done from life:

[Image: stud_1013_13.jpg]

RE: René Aigner's Sketchbook - Rindoukan - 10-07-2013

Ah so you made a sketchbook here.I've seen your stuff on facebook.Solid work.Love the ideas.Keep going dude.I adore the works.

RE: René Aigner's Sketchbook - marjoriedavis - 10-07-2013

whao O.o inspirational sketchbook here!!
brb i'll be studying some more x3
seriously awesome stuff man!

RE: René Aigner's Sketchbook - ReneAigner - 10-07-2013

Thanks Rindoukan!

Thanks marjorie! Studying is always a good idea. But don't forget to have fun every once in a while ;)

Also done from life:
[Image: stud_1013_14.jpg]

RE: René Aigner's Sketchbook - Jonesoda - 10-07-2013

Whaat...Damn awesome work, I really freakin' like those environments and vehicle drawings. Please keep us posted!

RE: René Aigner's Sketchbook - Amit Dutta - 10-07-2013

Great stuff Rene. Obviously seen your stuff elsewhere. I thought you were working as an illustrator because the quality is there already. Well done and keep it up!

RE: René Aigner's Sketchbook - Elderscroller - 10-07-2013

I´m absolutely drooling all over the place due to the awesomeness! Finally you have a sketchbook here :)

RE: René Aigner's Sketchbook - ReneAigner - 10-09-2013

Jonesoda: Thanks man! Will do =)

Monkeybread: Thanks a lot for saying that. People are telling me that I'm getting there, so I guess you must be right, even though I have doubts myself.

Thank you Elderscroller, you're too kind =)


[Image: stud_1013_15.jpg]

[Image: stud_1013_15b.jpg]

RE: René Aigner's Sketchbook - Crone - 10-09-2013

Glad to see you here, Rene! Love you works! :D

RE: René Aigner's Sketchbook - ReneAigner - 10-09-2013

Thanks a lot Crone! :)

[Image: stud_1013_16.jpg]

RE: René Aigner's Sketchbook - ReneAigner - 10-09-2013

[Image: stud_1013_17.jpg]

RE: René Aigner's Sketchbook - ReneAigner - 10-10-2013

[Image: stud_1013_18wip.jpg]

RE: René Aigner's Sketchbook - ReneAigner - 10-11-2013

Did manage to finish this as planned. Had fun painting this one =)
Title "Mustering the Storm"
[Image: stud_1013_18.jpg]