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Audie's Sketchbook - Audie Eagleheart - 11-22-2013

I dont have much right now, but here are a few of my personal works. They're mostly fan art stuff and the reason for that was I had artist block for a while. So, I'm happy to get out of that phase and coming up with some original ideas.

Some of these are my own studies (usually every work is a study), and the rest are just to see how far have I progressed.


Traditional studies

and the latest so far

RE: Audie's Sketchbook - Audie Eagleheart - 01-14-2014

Study on satin

RE: Audie's Sketchbook - Kaffer - 01-14-2014

Nice stuff, I think you should do more imaginative work - thats what studies are geared toward at the end :)

RE: Audie's Sketchbook - Audie Eagleheart - 04-12-2014

will try.