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BRAVE LIKE A BEAR - mindwrack - 02-11-2012

Hi there!
Guess it's time to start my sketchbook on here so ill start with a few recent studys/pieces!
Any comments/criticisms are appriciated!
Morgan Freeman study i did a while a go
[Image: v60RY.png]
Few studys i did for bloodsports 5;
[Image: iLIJZ.png] [Image: NgpiM.png]
I didn't end up finishing in time because i had a busy week, but i do plan on finishing it at some point; here is my current progress!
[Image: OY4kO.png]
random quick doodles testing out brushes/skintones
[Image: Jw1Fi.png]
[Image: dJbDv.png]
[Image: EjDC4.png]
tonights study; still life from observation, could happily spend much longer on it but figured that it's done :p
[Image: oR6pg.png]

RE: get down on it - mindwrack - 02-12-2012

couple of quick studys and sketches for bloodsports 6
[Image: sketchsheet2.png]

RE: get down on it - CUKIERASS - 02-12-2012

nice studies-more please!

RE: get down on it - CKL - 02-13-2012

Hey what up! You've got some great drawing skills, everything seems fairly accurate when it comes to proportion and symmetry ( thinking about the morgan freeman study) If I were you, I would switch up my brushes, and just focus on the default round, using hardness and size to get the job done. Also, pay really close attention to value control, once you feel you are about finished, put the study piece and reference in grayscale and see how close you are. Keep doin' it to it!

RE: get down on it - mindwrack - 02-19-2012

Have decided to build a portfolio as a goal for this year so i am
reworking a couple of older pieces to start it off, they are still fairly rough but any comments on the compositions are appreciated.
Included links to the originals!
Waiting for my orange to go mouldy too so i can do another study from it :P
Also working on a fairly large traditional piece on my fine art course, photos coming soon!
[Image: Shepherd%20REWORK1.png]
[Image: bridges%20rework.png]

RE: get down on it - mindwrack - 02-21-2012

hungover lifedrawing, pretty terrible really

RE: get down on it - Veneq - 02-22-2012

Hey hey! Nice sketchbook here. The Morgan Freeman study looks great and liking those original environments. I do have a comment about the first enviro: the arching silhouette things look like they're pretty massive and possibly too thin and weak at the base to support the arcs they are creating.

So yeah! Keep pushing it!

RE: get down on it - mindwrack - 02-23-2012

Thanks StevePierce!
had a go at painting up one of my life drawings, not sure what to think of it but may do more to it later
[Image: life%20drawing%20paint.png]

RE: get down on it - malan - 02-23-2012

Nice studies! As they have already told you, it shoud help to use more brushes. If you could achieve this, the other brushes will give way better results and boost your quality! :D
Your work is quite painterly and I liked that! keep it up man! :)

RE: get down on it - mindwrack - 02-26-2012

thanks malan,
made a start on bloodsports 7, excited about this one although i've never played the game :p
looking to stylize it towards some contemporary traditional painters i love, particularly revolving around colour and brushwork.
[Image: 2012-02-26%2001.31.33%20am.png]
also a comp sketch
[Image: 2012-02-26%2001.35.01%20am.png]

RE: get down on it - Jaik - 02-27-2012

I really like the style you are going for in this bloodsports, should turn out nicely, cant wait to see more

RE: get down on it - mindwrack - 02-29-2012

Thanks jaik,
todays update; some more life drawing and a oil painting of last week's life drawing, sorry for the crap photos
[Image: 2ndsession1.png]

[Image: lifedrawing%20painttrad.png]
also did a bit more work on bloodsports 7, updates soon

RE: get down on it - Sickbrush - 03-01-2012

hey mindwrack,
good path in here, glad to see a balance between traditional and digital work, it's nice to not let go of the tools and go back to the basics every once in a while. doing lifedrawing is going to help immensely, in my opinion there's nothing that beats it. what you could also do is go through some anatomy books, try out loomis and bring a bit more knowledge to the table when you do life studies.
all in all, good progress and keep it up dagger!

RE: get down on it - mindwrack - 03-02-2012

thanks sickbrush, have been meaning to do some reading into subjects like this, will be sure to check out loomis,
did some more work on this environment after a crit from dan
[Image: 2012-03-01%2007.16.03%20pm.png]
criticisms are appriciated!

RE: get down on it - mindwrack - 03-04-2012

more work on the rework!

[Image: eNDv8.png]

RE: get down on it - mindwrack - 03-08-2012

17 hours painting today, feel like my head is going to explode because of all the whitespirit!
anyway, here is a picture i took of my studio, will get good photos of the finished paintings soon, and upload more lifedrawing ive done + zelda updates, sleep now
[Image: 2012-03-07%2006.29.11%20pm.png]

RE: get down on it - mindwrack - 03-09-2012

more lifedrawing;
[Image: syrLY.png]
[Image: 8mqMf.png]
[Image: BbVVB.jpg]
[Image: fTMjC.jpg]
[Image: 8fccn.png]

painted one of my life drawings, had to make up the colours and lighting etc. though
same with this one, it isnt finished yet, you can tell by the lack of face, but figured i would upload anyway
[Image: WqfXf.png]
time for some more zelda work now! :D

RE: get down on it - mindwrack - 03-10-2012

unfortunately i didnt have time to finish this bloodsports because i had too much work the past couple of weeks, but i do plan on finishing at some point, won't be able to submit to the kotaku deadline either because i'm in paris on an art related trip the whole of next week, anyway, here is how far i got, i have a problem with faces in the context of figures at the moment, but will be sure to do more studys;

[Image: bsfinal.png]

also a very quick 20 minute plant study
[Image: 2012-03-09%2011.02.03%20pm.png]

RE: get down on it - mindwrack - 03-17-2012

back from paris, was seriously amazing! really really inspiring, will make a post about it soon, but for now here is some work i've done on another rework
[Image: bridges3.png]

RE: get down on it - mindwrack - 03-18-2012

done! [Image: finished%20resize.png]